First ISIS commander captured ALIVE in lightning commando raid


Some 3,900 other US troops are in the country on a mission to train and support Iraqi forces fighting the IS group.

Cities downstream on the Tigris River such as Tikrit, Samarra and the Iraqi capital Baghdad could be inundated with smaller, but still significant levels in the event of a breach, US officials warned on Sunday. After the man is interrogated, the Americans plan to hand him over to Iraq’s Kurdish government.
The news raises questions for defense officials, who will now have to make decisions about how to handle ISIS captives, as this detainee is likely to be followed by others, the New York Times reports.
In December, the Central Bank of Iraq named 142 currency-exchange houses in Iraq that the USA suspected of moving funds for Islamic State.
The ETF, comprised of 200 personnel, have gathered enough intelligence to conduct missions against about half a dozen “targeted missions” inside Iraq and to go after certain leaders of the group. They also made it clear that none of the detainees will be sent to the U.S. military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. The officials who spoke to NBC News did not identify the operative or provide more details and spoke on condition of anonymity.
A Pentagon spokesman declined to comment on details of the force’s missions but said any detention would be “short term and coordinated with Iraqi authorities”.
The spokesman of Iraq’s counter-terrorism forces, Sabah al-Numan, told The Associated Press that the militants dispatched seven suicide auto bombers, but they were destroyed by security forces before reaching their targets.
He would eventually be handed over to Iraqi or Kurdish officials.
Defense Secretary Ash Carter late a year ago announced the special forces deployment.
Using an alternative acronym for the Islamic State, Carter said on Monday the force would be part of accelerated military operations and used “to conduct raids of various kinds, seizing places and people, freeing hostages and prisoners of ISIL, and making it such that ISIL has to fear that anywhere, anytime, it may be struck”. US forces seized laptop computers, cellphones and other materials.
American troops in Iraq are interrogating a leader of the Islamic State after capturing him in a special operations raid, according to national security officials in Washington.