Five freakish moments from the Republican presidential debate


That’s the same line of attack Rubio is pushing as he tries to emerge as Trump’s chief rival.

This time, the boasts also included one about his manliness. Look at those hands, are those small hands? At a rally yesterday, Trump showed both his hands asking the audience if they were small.
The debate then quickly shifted from the issue at hand and into a list of accusations, although they were at least based in policy points. “I guarantee you there’s no problem, I guarantee”, Mr. Trump said. However, Internet polls declared Mr. Trump the victor.
In the end, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich clenched their teeth and said they would support Trump if he was the party’s presidential nominee.
Tempers escalated quickly at the two-hour debate and, as in previous encounters, the battle descended into taunts between Mr Trump, Mr Rubio and Mr Cruz with accusations of lying and even a reference to male genitalia.
Trump, who arrives in Detroit after winning seven of 11 states on Super Tuesday, said he is building up and uniting the Republicans in the face of critics who include the party’s nominee in 2012, Mitt Romney. He creates scapegoats in Muslims and Mexican immigrants.
The Ohio governor, who came in second in New Hampshire by running on a moderate message, hasn’t had a single victory in the 2016 election, and some Republicans are accusing Kasich of taking away valuable support from Rubio. “You’re not going to stop the corruption in Washington by supporting someone who has supported liberal Democrats for four decades, from Jimmy Carter to John Kerry to Hillary Clinton”. Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud.
Speaking at the University of Utah, Romney warned a packed auditorium that any of the other GOP candidates would be a better alternative to the billionaire businessman. He was begging for my endorsement.
As Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter recalled online a year ago: “Just to drive him a little bit insane, I took to referring to him as a “short-fingered vulgarian” in the pages of Spy magazine”.
“Mitt is indeed a choke artist”, Trump said.
Some saw his speech as hypocritical, since Romney had asked for Trump’s endorsement during the 2012 presidential race.