Five weird moments from the Republican presidential debate


The billionaire businessman traded below-the-belt blows with fellow Republican contender Marco Rubio following Trump’s success on Super Tuesday.

Donald Trump emphatically responded to attacks from Marco Rubio earlier in the campaign, in which Rubio had accused Trump of having “small hands”, and insinuated he must also have small genitalia.
Marco Rubio says his sharply critical personal and political assault on Donald Trump over the past week is well deserved.
Trump then noted that Rubio had mocked his hands as small, widely viewed as an insult about Trump’s sexual prowess, and, holding his hands up to the audience, he declared, “I guarantee you, there’s no problem” in that area. And he referred to my hands – if they’re small, something else must be small.
“I don’t want the Republican nominee to be someone that people have to make excuses why they’re voting for him”, he said.
Mr Trump, asked if he would support the Republican nominee if it was someone other than him, seemed startled by the question given the momentum behind him, but eventually said: “Yes I will”. “But here’s what I hate most: He could be our next president”, Clinton said.
I have to wonder if Mitt Romney did any kind of “takedown of Trump“. Of late, Trump refers to me as “little Rubio” because of my height, Rubio said.
Instead it was Cruz who has argued this is now a two-man race, pointing to his wins in Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa and later Alaska over Trump.
The exchange followed Rubio’s speech on the CPAC stage, which included a single vague reference to Trump, in which he warned about the conservative movement being “hijacked by someone who is not a conservative”. He called Trump “a phoney” who is “playing the American public for suckers”, a man whose “imagination must not be married to real power”.
Chris Christie, who dropped out of the running himself just last month, has endorsed Trump after sharply criticizing him during his own campaign.
Mr. Cruz made a plea for Republican voters to break with Mr. Trump, who he described as lifelong liberal who couldn’t be trusted to stick to his conservative campaign rhetoric. “I’m changing. We need highly skilled people in this country”. “But, um, I think there’s a better choice out there”, Romney said.
“There is a reason why that question is being asked”, Rubio said about his change of heart.
The New York businessman was forced to explain a civil lawsuit involving the collapse of Trump University.