Fox News smacked Donald Trump with hard facts at the GOP debate


The Republican presidential debate Thursday night hosted by Fox News was the highest rated debate of the year, according to preliminary figures.

Trump responded by saying, “He was a failed candidate, he should have beaten President Obama easy”.
For months, everyday Americans, pundits, and politicians alike have bemoaned the level of rhetoric the Republican candidates have stooped to in this presidential primary season.
At a televised debate on Thursday, his main rivals for the nomination, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, launched a series of attacks on him.
“I don’t know what happened to him”, Trump said.
Then he was asked about his feelings about David Duke and Ku Klux Klan.
This is the 11th debate for the Republican party candidates and Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich are running out of time if they want to take down front-runner Trump.
Did Cruz and Rubio elevate themselves at all in comparison to Trump, at least in a way that will translate into a seismic change in primary votes?
Trump also hit rival Marco Rubio, who went after the businessman with gusto on the debate stage.
Rubio said he didn’t understand how a tall guy like Trump had such small hands.
As Mediaite noted, Camerota asked Rubio to describe Thursday night’s debate and he said, “Well, I think it’s par for the course in this very unusual election”.
“Well, our path obviously is to go into the convention with the most number of delegates of anybody on the ballot and we have a path to doing that”. And he referred to my hands as if they’re small, something else may be small. “I think he’s got the total positive package”. Although, technically he did have more votes than Trump in Minnesota. There is no surer way to make America great again than to make sure we elect a well-endowed president, specifically one so secure in his masculinity that he is eager to tell millions of viewers just how big he is. And Trump said he’d support one of them if he didn’t get the nod – even though, he added, they don’t deserve it.
During a Friday interview with Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto, Romney touched on some comments from the day before where Trump joked that Romney would have been willing to perform an oral sex act in order to secure the billionaire’s endorsement in the 2012 presidential race.