GOP field eyes Florida, Ohio after Saturday’s split decision; pressure on Rubio


Bernie Sanders notched victories in the Kansas and Nebraska caucuses, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the Louisiana primary.

Ted Cruz will collect at least 17 delegates for winning the Republican caucuses in Kansas, and Donald Trump will win at least six. “We are doing better and better with younger people whether they’re black, Latino or white”, Sanders said on CNN’s “State of the Union” show.
After Saturday’s contests, Clinton had 1,121 delegates, almost half the 2,383 needed to win the Democratic nomination.
While Sanders won two of the three states in contention for Democrats on Saturday, Clinton bested him in delegates, 55-47.
“What we saw in Kansas is a manifestation of a real shift in momentum”, Cruz told reporters in Idaho. But unless Kasich and Rubio between them win a lot of delegates going forward, it would take a very close contest between Trump and Cruz to prevent one of them from getting to the necessary 1,237 delegates.
On Saturday, Trump called on Rubio to drop out of the race – naturally. “I would love to take on Ted one-on-one”. “That would be so much fun”.
Despite the support of many elected officials, Florida Senator Marco Rubio came up short, raising serious questions about his viability in the race.
With just a week to go until the Florida presidential primary election on March 15, polls continue to show Donald J. Trump with a clear, though perhaps tightening lead over Florida senator Marco Rubio.
Five states were holding nominating contests on Saturday as Trump and Clinton looked to strengthen their leads in the battle to pick nominees for the November 8 presidential election to succeed President Barack Obama. That means that in every contest, except one (Vermont), Republicans have seen increased turnout from recent years.
If Trump takes Florida and OH he would be almost impossible to stop.
Trump won primarily by sweeping almost all of eastern Kentucky after his promise last week in a Louisville appearance “to bring coal back”. Rubio has 123 delegates and Kasich has 34.
I think we may have passed peak Trump, as it will be known.
While anyone who has read my letters to The Town Talk must know I am not a conservative, but instead a “bleeding heart liberal”, I must commend Mitt Romney for his March 3 speech about current GOP front-runner Donald Trump.
“I may well at that point”, he said. The university relied on voter lists showing past voter history – a method generally considered more reliable for Florida’s closed primary, which doesn’t allow independents to cast ballots.
It becomes harder and harder for the Florida senator to argue he’s the best candidate to topple Trump when he has still only netted one statewide victory (Minnesota on Super Tuesday). Though Rubio’s team has argued that the states where he is expected to do well, such as his home state of Florida, have yet to vote. For the Democrats, 11 for Clinton and seven for Sanders.