Hillary Clinton Denies Bernie Sanders Win at Flint Debate


Sanders’ victory in ME, which was announced during CNN’s Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan, is his third of the weekend after winning Kansas and Nebraska.

Many Democrats saw the upside of showcasing Flint, Michigan, a city now in crisis, by having a Sunday night debate there. “We have to end the divisiveness, we have to unify the country”. He and Clinton urged voters to compare the substance of their debate with the Republican versions, which last week featured name-calling and Trump defending his penis size. ” The audience can be heard gasping after Sanders’ fiery response”. But 68-year-old Clinton remains far ahead in the total number of delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination for which a candidate should win at least 2,383 delegates.
“I don’t – well, I don’t know how high it goes”.
It was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s first call for Snyder’s resignation, joining Vermont Sen. “I don’t agree with that“, he said.
The problem is “symbolic of what is going on” in urban America, Sanders said during his opening remarks at the CNN debate. “One of the points that I have made is that I believe the governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible”, he said. He described going shopping with his mother as a boy in Brooklyn, New York, and seeing people with numbers on their arms from Nazi concentration camps.
KEITH: Flint, where the debate was taking place, is a majority-African-American city.
Clinton shot back, accusing Sanders of voting against the bailout of the auto industry, which is a major employer in MI.
Clinton also stressed her more general support for abortion rights, and for Planned Parenthood.
“I haven’t given up on Florida yet”, says John Kasich, a Republican presidential candidate.
Sanders suggested that Clinton was talking about a “Wall Street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy”.
Clinton had her own, less-pointed, assessment of the recent GOP smack-down. It uses a clip from the debate in which she said, “When it came down to it, you were either for saving the auto industry or you were against it. I voted to save the auto industry”. “I don’t give speeches to Wall street for hundreds of thousands of dollars”.
The debate started on a more conciliatory note, with Clinton joining Sanders in calling for Michigan’s Republican governor to resign over his handling of the Flint water crisis.
Auto jobs and the Flint water crisis, big topics in Tuesday’s MI primary.