Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 54%-24% in Florida, UNF poll shows


NDTVs Namrata Brar speaks to Akhurapa Ambak and Nate Lerner, campaign volunteers for the Clinton and Sanders respectively, on whether Clinton can capture the audience that has so far eluded her and how she will lead the Democratic fight against potential Republican nominee Donald Trump. One of them spoiled their vote. But wins in eight or nine out of 11 voting states, which is what looks like Trump’s haul will be after Super Tuesday, is pretty damn good. Many said that if Sanders did not win in Minnesota, it would show Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton had swept up much of his momentum with her recent wins in Nevada and SC. Like in South Carolina, Clinton dominated – and that may not even be a strong enough word – among black voters.

In six southern states where Clinton won on March 1, she received between 72 and 87 percent of the vote from voters 45 to 64 and 65 and older, with a slightly stronger showing among the oldest voters, according to exit polls from the National Election Pool. Hillary Clinton now has a 92 pledged delegates to 65 for Sanders-out of 2,383 needed to win. Click through to see the results from every Super Tuesday primary and caucus.
This time around, the contests are set to be particularly important, with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton already ahead after previous votes in four states. The Democrats may be more deeply split along demographic lines than the Republicans in their candidate choices, but those splits are predictable. Sanders will definitely pick up delegates.
Less than 48 hours before the Super Tuesday voting contests, Clinton and her team are growing increasingly confident that they are on track to capture their party’s nomination. You can keep track of the race for delegates with our scorecard. As Bernie Sanders himself put it, his campaign “got decimated” in SC. Establishment Republicans are looking to derail Trump’s coronation in Cleveland, while Democrats were still unsure if Vermont Sen. The breadth of Trump’s wins – he won in MA and in Georgia, in Virginia and in Alabama – make it hard to cast him as a candidate limited by either geography or ideology. He mocked Rubio for not having won a single state.
As in South Carolina, Clinton won the vast majority of votes from black voters. Those surveyed also agree the billionaire businessman would be the most effective leader to solve the country’s problems with 51% compared to Cruz’s 17% and Rubio’s 13%. No other primary election day in the 2016 cycle has the bulk of delegates, although March 15 and June 7 are other dates with a lot of delegates at stake. Minnesota had 77 delegates up for grabs, but Sanders won’t win them all. That way, he explained, the two can try and carve a path to the nomination through OH and Florida, which are winner-take-all contests, with 66 and 99 delegates respectively.
But Clinton clearly began to turn the page in the days that followed her sweeping victory in SC, intensifying her focus on the race beyond the party conventions. Sixteen percent say they will vote for Rubio while Cruz has 15 percent. And of course, the bigger Cruz’s lead is in Texas, the more delegates he will amass.