How many delegates does each presidential candidate have? Trump, Cruz, Clinton, Sanders


But that might result in each one of the three ending up with fewer delegates than any single alternative to Trump might amass – inadvertently giving Trump a bigger delegate lead over the number-two finisher and making him look far more like the leading choice of GOP voters.

The brash billionaire businessman and the Texas senator split yesterday’s four GOP contests, with Cruz picking up victories in Kansas and Maine.
When including those party leaders, Clinton has at least 1,129 while Sanders has at least 498. Puerto Rico Republicans will vote on Sunday.
But the 2012 GOP nominee is nevertheless leaving the door open – just a crack – to the possibility of being drafted by his party at a contested convention in July. But it is unclear if Romney has, or is willing, to record calls for Cruz and Kasich. “I am very, very happy about it. Thank you Louisiana and thank you Kentucky“, he said.
Trump’s percentage of the vote for the week doesn’t make him appear any more inevitable than his delegate tally does. John McCain – are fearful a Trump victory would lead to a disastrous November election, with losses up and down the GOP ticket.
A major South Florida newspaper’s editorial board says it can’t endorse any of the 2016 Republican candidates – a rebuke that especially stings Florida Sen.
Rosemary O’Hara, the newspaper’s editorial page editor, said in an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that it’s the first time the Sun-Sentinel hasn’t endorsed a presidential candidate.
“My sense is that Mr. (Donald) Trump is going to win, and I think this will be the last stand for Sen”.
Kasich, also still in the mix but far behind, was holding out hope for a better showing next week in MI and in his home state of OH on March 15. In fact, I have gotten – in the Democratic primary election, I have gotten more white voters, except for the state of Vermont.
“As long as the field remains divided, it gives Donald an advantage”, Cruz said. But Bernie Sanders insists the race is not over.
“I’m having conversations with all sorts of people and we’re seeing supporters of other candidates come joining us”, he said.
The two Democrats were preparing to spar in their seventh debate on Sunday in Flint, Michigan, with trade and economic policy sure to be prime subjects. For an indication, see Kentucky’s Republican presidential caucus held Saturday. The winning total is 2,383.
With Republican front-runner Trump yet to win states by the margins he’ll need in order to secure the nomination before the Republican convention, every one of the 155 Republican delegates at stake on Saturday was worth fighting for. Rubio has 123 delegates and Kasich has 34.