IPad Pro 2016 rumors: Release date, price, specs and features


With tablets generally losing market share alongside PCs, more companies, Apple included, are working on PC substitutes that fall somewhere between larger tablets and smaller laptops or desktops.

The iPhone SE will also probably include the best camera that Apple has ever armed a more affordable smartphone with, and some analysts are suggesting that it could even have equal photographic capability to last year’s iPhone 6s.
As for the upcoming iPad Pro’s price, tech enthusiasts say that it is still early to predict the price of this unit, but it is largely anticipated for the upcoming Apple iPad Pro to retail at around $600. Later this month, Apple is expected to announced the iPhone SE, a slightly upgraded version of the iPhone 5S from 2013. This new 4-incher has been leaked as the iPhone 6c, although its name may be different when the phone is finally launched by Apple.
First published by Apple topic-centric website 9to5Mac which has predicted many Apple products in the past, the smaller iPad Pro will replace the iPad Air meaning from this month onward, Apple might offer a brand new iPad line which it will call the “Pro” apart from the iPad Mini and the older versions of the Air.
According to sources spoken to by 9 to 5 Mac, the smaller iPad Pro will feature a 12-megapixel rear camera.
Still, even though the display sizes and the primary cameras of the two iPad Pros are expected to differ, not much else may change outside of those two elements.
Jon Russell reports for TechCrunch that Apple has hired Frederic Jacobs, the Switzerland-based developer behind Signal, the favorite messaging of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.
Another rumor this week has caught Apple-following media on the hop, and indicates that the corporation is considering effectively releasing a second new iPhone Product line. The display also featured some neat tricks, such as a variable display refresh rate and support for the company’s unique take on the stylus known as the Apple Pencil.
Being a budget smartphone, the new Apple iPhone SE will reportedly cost between $400 and $500. Business Insider will be covering everything Apple reveals as it happens. The technology is expected to be limited to specific high-end models due to initial supply constraints. In fact, Apple is moving to flexible circuitry and screen technology. However, it’s unclear whether what the report characterizes as a last-minute decision to launch OLED iPhones in 2017 will give Apple enough time to implement an unconventional design.
Reports have affirmed that the new feature is being developed right now and it might be available during the March release.