ISIS Continues Attacks: Baghdad’s Gas Plant Hit

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Baghdad continues to be in peril with continued attacks from Islamic State. The number of casualties caused by the militants have risen up to more than 100 since last week. On Sunday, the Islamic State militants attacked a natural gas plant in Taji, north of Baghdad. The attack has cost the lives of at least 14 people and another attack elsewhere claimed 15 others according to the Iraqi officials.

The coordinated attack started with a suicide car bombing at the facility’s gate. Later, several suicide bombers detonated inside the plant. It is said that at least six militants managed to storm inside but the security forces held them back. Taji military base deployed two military helicopters to repel the militants. There was a video showing a ball of flame rising from the gas plant.

Hamid Younis, Deputy Oil Minister, mentioned the firefighters were able to control and extinguish the fire. Damages to the plant will be examined by technicians. Fortunately, the attack has not stop the plant’s ability to produce gas and electricity. However, Electricity Ministry confirmed two nearby power stations have suspended their operations due to supply cut from the Taji plant.

Analysts believe IS are beginning to change their tactics after losing their previously captured cities. Many citizens expressed their displeasure regarding how the political turmoil in the nation is leaving the people vulnerable to attacks.

U.S. military officials acknowledges that ISIS has declared a state of emergency in Raqqa, its self-declared capital.