John Kasich Predicts Better Primary Performances ‘in the North’


Of all things, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used Snapchat this weekend to issue his official endorsement in the 2016 race, just like our founding fathers intended. “When you are in the arena you develop some degree of respect for people who have been in the arena, and so we will see how it goes”.

However, he did retell a favorite story about how he was “whining to [Schwarzenegger] about negative campaigning in Ohio” during Kasich’s first campaign for governor in 2010. He is an author, former radio host, and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation.
John Kasich, who has the lowest number of delegates to his name thus far, seriously suggested in a Fox News interview Monday afternoon that the other Republican candidates should drop out of the race to clear the path for his victory.
‘I still believe we’re at 85 percent certainty that we’ll have a nominee going into that convention, ‘ Spicer said this morning.
Michigan’s primary is Tuesday. He did, though, speak at a fundraiser for Kasich in California in October.
John Kasich, who has spent much of the last week in MI trying to convince voters to pick him as president, picked up a key endorsement on Friday when Lt. Gov. Brian Calley announced his support for the neighboring governor.
“Right now, we need leadership like that” in the White House, Schwarzenegger said.
Kasich, seated next to the action film hero, simply replied to the camera, “Thank you, Arnold”.
Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is planning to air a five-minute ad on the Univision television network ahead of Florida’s Democratic primary on March 15.
“We’re gaining here in MI, and as you all know, obviously know, we leave MI, and head to what always seems to be the center of our political universe of OH, where I will beat Donald Trump and it will be a whole new day in America as it relates to the Republican party and the Republican nominee”, said Governor Kasich.
Belton says she “adores Trump”. “The reason is because I take orders from you”. Schwarzenegger had noted that Kasich had done 100 town halls up to that point in his campaign.
A campaign rally attended by several hundred behind Wells Barn at Franklin Park Conservatory kicked off an intense effort by Kasich to win his home state in the March 15 primary.