Kanye West Says He’ll Never Release Another Physical CD


However, a few dispatches caught our attention early Monday.

Naturally, he closed with some positive vibes, and what is becoming a recurring hashtag joke. “Only streaming”, West stated after beginning with an uncharacteristically timid “Uuuuum… hi everybody!”
Kanye said 2013 album Yeezus was in open casket to CDs.
Artists have shifted, too.
So, is this the first major sign that the age of CD album releases are coming to an end? Sometimes the projects were later pressed to compact discs – and sometimes not.
However, the release confusion also prompted many to flock to torrent websites to illegally obtain copies of The Life of Pablo, and it was downloaded more than 500,000 times in a matter of days. But according to Nielsen, U.S. physical album sales dropped 8.3 percent in 2015, landing at a total of 137.5 million: the overall drop comes despite the steady but relatively small rise in vinyl purchases, which were up to 11.9 million a year ago.
In the aftermath of the rollout to his The Life Of Pablo album, which reportedly is still a work in progress, Kanye West says he will no longer be releasing his music on an industry standard. Even if West has declared the CD dead, piracy will continue to live on.