Kasich: ‘Exciting’ Nomination Race May be Headed to Convention


Supporters praise Kasich’s authenticity and maturity.

Kasich and Romney spoke on Tuesday, the OH governor told Kate Snow, he but wouldn’t divulge what they talked about. He says Americans need to work together and not be defined by their differences.
In front of a jam-packed and enthusiastic crowd, Kasich refused to slam any of his opponents in the presidential race, opting instead to speak words reminiscent of Mister Rogers and Barney the Dinosaur.
Thursday night’s Republican debate in Detroit could possibly represent a last-ditch effort for Kasich, Rubio and Senator Ted Cruz to slow Donald Trump’s momentum.
The review is in from Bernie Sanders.
The Democrats debate in Flint on Sunday night.
Sanders is in Cleveland for an event at a historic black church. Marco Rubio was shut out and is pinning his hopes on winning his home state of Florida on March 15.
He tells ABC’s “This Week” that that’s up to the delegates and primary voters.
“You don’t beat Trump by personal attacks”.
Rubio has brushed off polling, promising unequivocally he will win Florida.
John Kasich’s presidential campaign is likely on its last legs, but it has been significantly more successful than his run in 2000.
In recent days, Kasich’s campaign acknowledged the OH governor’s only path to the Republican nomination is through a contested, or “brokered”, party convention in which the candidate with the most delegates might not win the nomination.
But Kasich won’t take the bait. And I just kind of chuckle… But if he loses badly on Tuesday in his neighboring state of MI, exactly the type of state he thought he could win, then his campaign will essentially be over. “So believe in us and now finally the country if finally getting to get a little bit of who I am”.
“There’s over 1650 delegates, I think, to go…” He noted that it was a “cool thing to think about” a contested convention. They’ve got to be very careful.
But, as Ohio’s governor tries for traction in the primaries and the polls, some Republican leaders sense he’s an impediment to a possible coalescing around Marco Rubio. “In that category, OH is slowing down, Zeller said”.
He calls OH “the crown jewel”.
A separate Quinnipiac University poll released last week showed Kasich trailing Trump in OH by 31 percent to 26 percent.
The only other people allowed to submit absentee ballots in the territory are members of the military, but party officials said they did not yet know how many of those had been cast.
And she’s criticizing Republicans for their opposition to restoring important parts of the Voting Rights Act that were struck down by the high court in 2013.
“We’re not running for class president”, he said. The state holds its primary on Tuesday.
Hannity’s concern, the Fox News talking head said, was that those supporting a “candidate A” – clearly meaning Trump, but not willing to utter the frontrunner’s name in this hypothetical set-up – would become upset if it seemed like his nomination was stolen away during the Republican National Convention.