Kasich wins endorsement from Michigan lieutenant governor


Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger waited too long to endorse John Kasich or will he give the current underdog a fighting chance?

John Kasich became the first 2016 presidential candidate to step on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday afternoon.
“I only reformed welfare, balanced the federal budget, cut taxes, promoted more school choice with charter schools and obviously the voucher program”, Kasich said.
Henry Rosenstein, a high schooler from Dublin, Ohio, told the Guardian: “I always kind of thought Kasich has made the most sense out of the Republican candidates…” “No one understands his impact on our country more than his son Michael, so to receive this endorsement is a tremendous honor for me”.
Michigan’s presidential primary is Tuesday.
Still, former bodybuilder, actor and California Gov. Schwarzenegger joins a limited list of Hollywood supporters that includes Tim Allen, Charles Barkley and Montel Williams.
“Listen, when I win OH, and we’re doing better in other northern states as well… this thing is gonna go to the convention”, Kasich said on CNN’s “New Day” Friday.
U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent said he’s still backing Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s campaign to be the GOP’s nominee for president. “For the first month I slept in the jacket, you know”. “You see I know I can go to Washington and pull this together”.
Donald Trump’s rivals, who’ve tried just about everything to disrupt his juggernaut, can take comfort that the rules for Saturday’s round of primary voting make it easier for candidates to claim a share of the delegates than was true in some earlier contests but not much else.
Kasich has been repeatedly called the “spoiler candidate“, as he has just enough support to distort the field for the other candidates, but not anywhere near enough for his own nomination. In fact, CNN Money is already calling the campaign an “Apprentice” vs. “Apprentice” showdown now that Schwarzenegger is on the campaign trail for Kasich.
Kasich, who is hoping a strong showing in MI will propel him to victory in his home state of OH on March 15, has a full schedule of campaign events in MI on Saturday and Monday.
Speaking before Kasich and Schwarzenegger arrived, former Congresswoman Deborah Pryce said, “This isn’t an anti-Trump rally”.