Knife found at OJ Simpson’s former property raises questions about new charges


While specialists are testing the knife, law enforcement sources said a preliminary review suggested that the weapon appeared to be unconnected to the brutal 1994 slayings of Simpson’s wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

Police said the knife was found by a construction worker at the former Simpson estate.
The knife is now in the possession of the LAPD, who received it recently after it was apparently kept for two decades by a retired officer identified by his lawyer as George Maycott, who wanted it as a souvenir.
At the time, the officer, who worked in the traffic division, was off duty, working security for a movie shoot across the street from Simpson’s home. The knife, which was handed over to the LAPD’s Robbery and Homicide Division, is now undergoing forensic testing for hair and DNA.
“If it does turn out to be connected to the murders of Ron and Nicole, it would be interesting if there was some evidence on that knife that pointed to who might have helped to bury it, if indeed someone else did”, Clark said. The officer allegedly didn’t turn it in back then because the case was closed, but was forced to hand it over after retiring in January.
The former professional football star and actor was acquitted a year later of two counts of murder in what media dubbed the trial of the century.
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“It’s unusual how this all of a sudden becomes a huge story during this time”, Neiman added, referring to the popular “People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” anthology that is airing on the FX television channel.
“I would think that any LAPD officer would know that any time you come into contact with evidence you should and shall submit that to investigators”.
Dr Irwin Golden did the postmortems on both the disgraced athlete’s ex-wife and friend, and testified in the case against him.
“I’m not an attorney, but it’s my understanding from being a police officer for almost 30 years that double jeopardy would be in place here”, he said. “I had instructed my people, ‘If you find anything, don’t keep it, ‘” he said, though he does concede, “Hundreds and hundreds of people were there after me”.
Capt. Andy Neiman stressed Friday that the authenticity of the story was not confirmed and that investigators were looking into whether “this whole story is possibly bogus from the get-go”. In 1997, a jury found him liable and awarded the family $8.5 million in damages and millions more in punitive damages.
Carl Douglas – an attorney on O.J. Simpson’s “dream team” that won his 1995 acquittal – is calling the suggestion that a knife reportedly found on Simpson’s former estate may have been used in one of America’s most famous murder cases, absurd.
“To think that it would have any relevance whatsoever to circumstances surrounding the OJ Simpson case to me is outrageous”.
He was sentenced to 33 years with parole eligibility after nine years.