Knife from OJ Simpson’s Estate Probably Isn’t the Murder Weapon


O.J. Simpson was acquitted in the June 1994 killings of his ex-wife and her friend, Ronald Goldman, outside her condominium in Los Angeles.

Police say they have recovered a knife apparently found at OJ Simpson’s former estate in Los Angeles.
At the time, the officer, who worked in the traffic division, was off duty, working security for a movie shoot across the street from Simpson’s home.
The officer retired shortly afterwards and is alleged to have kept the knife as a souvenir ever since.
Capt Neiman said they were conducting body fluid, DNA and hair sample tests on the weapon. Multiple reports have claimed that he cannot be prosecuted for a second time, since he was acquitted in the original criminal trial (double jeopardy) – but, legal experts argue, if the former football player’s DNA is found on the knife, it could lead to the conviction of others.
The source wouldn’t elaborate on specifics, but said “the characteristics and condition of the knife were not consistent with the weapon used in the Brown and Goldman murders nor does it appear it was buried for a length of time that would put it in the time frame of the slayings”.
No matter what happens to this knife, Simpson can’t be taken to court again for a crime that a jury already said he didn’t commit.
That same month a woman turned in a red-stained kitchen knife she said she found near Simpson’s home, and a handle and a piece of blade of a knife were found in a tank that collects waste from airplanes at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, where Simpson flew the night of the killings.
“The media frenzy regarding this supposed knife found at O.J. Simpson’s house is utterly ridiculous”, Douglas said Friday.
“‘Hey look, I found this knife on what I think is O.J. Simpson’s property”.
FULL INTERVIEW: Kato Kaelin questions how knife remained secret for years. In 1997, a jury found him liable and awarded the family $8.5 million in damages and millions more in punitive damages.
Gregory Caplan, a Chatsworth-based defense attorney and former prosecutor, said he doesn’t think charges will be pursued against the officer who supposedly held on to the knife. “We still don’t know if that’s an accurate account of how this item came into our possession”, Mr Neiman said.
While it’s a surprise that new evidence would turn up now – 20 years after the Simpson murder trial and in the midst of an FX miniseries on the case – what’s even more shocking is the tale of how the knife reportedly wound up in LAPD custody. “It sounds like a made-in-Hollywood knife discovery”.
In 1994, a salesman testified at a preliminary hearing that he sold Simpson a knife before the killings.
The 68-year-old is now serving a 33-year prison sentence he was given after being found guilty in a robbery and kidnapping case in Nevada.
“I really don’t know what to think of it”, Clark told ET.
“We could not charge Mr Simpson”, Neiman said.
Neiman did state that it was unlikely that the knife was used as a murder weapon, as the actual weapon would be larger and possibly more “exotic”.