Lindsey Graham: ‘I know what I’m getting with Ted Cruz’


As FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver noted, Trump won early voting in the Bayou State, but Cruz edged out Trump to win election day voters, and the state because a much closer contest throughout the night. Trump, still the front-runner in the hunt for delegates, bagged Louisiana and Kentucky.

On the Democratic side, meanwhile, Sanders won by a solid margin in Nebraska and Kansas officials said he’d won the state caucuses, giving him seven victories so far in the nominating season.
Trump said that Rubio had “a very, very bad night”, and said that it’s time for the race to be a two-man contest between him and Cruz.
After Saturday’s contests, Clinton had 1,121 delegates, almost half the 2,383 needed to win the Democratic nomination. Surveys have shown both Trump and Clinton with a sizable edge in their respective contests.
“I am very encouraged because if we continue to unite we are going to win this nomination”, said a jubilant Cruz. “What’s the big deal about that, other than it’s exciting?” – Connie Belton, 65, Wichita, Kansas, on why she’s backing him. – Bernie Sanders supporter Brent Crampton, 31, who came to a caucus site near Omaha, Nebraska, at 8 a.m., after working as a DJ until 4 a.m. “Donald Trump can not be the nominee”. “See the millions in negative ads about me that are mostly phony ads?”
It was easier for GOP hopefuls to gain delegates in the weekend round of voting than it was in the Super Tuesday extravaganza.
“Their favorite candidates, the ones that they want to win, are not getting the votes”. All of the Republican contests on Saturday, and through March 14, award delegates proportionate to the popular vote, although some states set minimum thresholds to qualify for any delegates.
The win in ME, along with his victory in Alaska on Super Tuesday, suggests that Cruz can expand his political base beyond his home state of Texas and states that are heavily influenced by evangelical and social conservatives. That means Clinton will maintain her substantial delegate lead to date.
That is critical ahead of March 15’s Florida primary where 99 delegates are up for grabs in the winner-take-all contest. “Charlie Crist’s and Donald Trump’s con didn’t fool Floridians in 2010 and it won’t fool them now”. The Arizona Republic’s is taking aim specifically at Trump. In Maine and Louisiana he failed to even clear the threshold to get any delegates, and in Maine he finished fourth behind Ohio Gov. John Kasich.
Ted Cruz now has 295 delegates, while Donald Trump still leads with 378 delegates.
Ted Cruz received 17 percent support in the poll and John Kasich is at 10 percent.
“Trump vs. Clinton. Or in other words, we’re screwed“.
Cruz placed first with 40 percent of the vote, followed by rival Senator Marco Rubio with 30 percent, according to results of the survey taken at the Conservative Political Action Conference held in Maryland, near Washington.
The state tally sheets so far: 12 wins for Trump; six for Cruz and one for Rubio.