Meta Augmented Reality Headset Can Be Yours For $949


Finally, the company said remote collaboration will be another key use case for AR. Meta 2 is still in the development phase.

Now we have to say that $3,000 is mighty dear but the good news is that if you don’t mind making some compromises, there is an alternative that is a third of the price.
The Meta 2 Development Kit is set to be priced at $949 for pre-orders – that’ll be now – and is slated to ship in Q3 2016. This is versus the HoloLens which has its own built-in computer and can function by itself, however if this “limitation” is fine by you, then you could save yourself a fair bit of money.
Meta 2 offers numerous capabilities only available with the Meta platform, including the widest field of view, the most intuitive access to digital information, and support for direct hand interaction with digital content and holograms. Another interesting feature that many have been pointing out in the Meta 2 is that people will actually be able to pick up and move virtual objects with their hands when they are wearing the headset. Such as its display has 2560×1440 resolution and its field of view is diagonally 90- degrees.
It’s also a tethered headset, requiring a Windows 8 or 10 PC to be connected to run (with Mac support on its way in the future). It’s about to get a huge push forward though, thanks to the Meta 2 headset, which embarrasses other options with its wealth of features and turbo-charged specs. Since it was designed specifically for developers, the product is comfortable and lightweight, allowing users to remove it easily while they are testing and coding. While we don’t know the specifications of the screen on the HoloLens, the Meta’s experience is nearly certainly higher quality than the headset we tested back in May of 2015. Now Meta an AR headset manufacturer has launched the Meta 2 development kit, for studios wishing to create AR experiences. The HoloLens will also let users hear holograms from anywhere in a room, even when the holograms are positioned behind the users.
Importantly, the price tag of the Meta 2 AR headset is much cheaper at $949 while the HoloLens has a $3000 tag. At the TED Conference in Vancouver last month, Mero Gribetz, the CEO of Meta has exaggeratedly claimed that since the original Macintosh this may be the most important and innovative device.