New poll shows Rubio ‘within shooting distance’ of Trump in Florida primary


“I think we are going to do well in Maine tomorrow”.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz warned on Sunday that there could be an “uprising” if what he called the “Washington establishment” tries to steal the Republican nomination by putting up a third candidate at the party convention.
Texas Senator Ted Cruz triumphed in two states, Kansas and ME, at the so-called “Super Saturday” primaries, further cementing his claim that he is the one remaining GOP candidate capable of beating Mr Trump.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich also remains in the race even though he has not won a contest.
Trump, who had traded slashing, personal attacks with Rubio in the run-up to the vote, dismissed the Florida senator as the “loser of the night” in an interview with Fox News.
However, Rubio leads Trump 48-23 percent among the almost 1-in-5 voters who have already cast their ballots via early or absentee voting, according to the same poll.
Romney’s name has been repeatedly floated by some establishment Republicans who believe the 2012 party’s nominee could unify the GOP after a divisive primary campaign, in the event none of the GOP primary candidates snag a majority of available Republican delegates before the party’s summer convention.
Trump, in his victory speech in Florida on Sunday, declared himself primed for a head-on contest with Cruz.
While Republicans in three other states, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii, also will vote on Tuesday, Puerto Rico Republicans will vote on Sunday.
The races on Saturday were open only to registered Republicans, excluding the independent and disaffected Democratic voters who have helped Trump’s surge to the lead. Ted Cruz while winning in Louisiana – where former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke called on supporters to vote for him – and Kentucky.
On Thursday, Trump and Rubio squabbled endlessly at the last Republican debate, often eliciting groans and boos from the audience.
And in some coming Republican contests, all delegates in the state will go to the victor for the first time in the campaign. “Trump knows that Marco has the momentum in Florida and is afraid because he knows losing those 99 delegates to Marco will be a turning point in this race”. “I think that would be an enormous mistake”.
Among Republicans, Mr Trump leads with 384 delegates, followed by Mr Cruz with 300, Mr Rubio with 151 delegates and Mr Kasich with 37.
Rubio is rejecting the idea that anti-Trump Republicans should rally around Cruz, arguing that the likely scenario is a long fight that leaves the party without a nominee heading into the July convention.
Including superdelegates, Clinton now has at least 1,121 delegates. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the Democratic nomination. “It’s Donald Trump”, one ad says.
Kasich, who has now amassed 35 delegates, is banking on two quickly approaching dates: March 8, when MI and other states will collectively distribute 150 GOP delegates, and March 15, when OH and Florida have winner-take-all contests and in all, 367 delegates are at stake.