Nielsen: 5.5 million watch Democratic debate


Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (left) and Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., stand on stage during the National Anthem before a Democratic presidential primary debate at the University of Michigan-Flint, on Sunday, March 6, 2016, in Flint, Michigan.

Clinton and Sanders had an amiable relationship before they entered the race previous year and have both pointed to their relatively civil debates compared with the Republican primary. Both candidates called on Michigan’s governor to resign over the water contamination crisis in Flint.
This led to the one of the most tweeted exchanges of the evening when Clinton pointed out that Sanders voted against the auto industry bailout, which she said saved four million jobs.
The forum quickly turned into a heated philosophical argument about an economy that Sanders said is weighted against the middle and working classes and is abetted, he said, by close ties between politicians, such as Clinton, and Wall Street financiers. “She did”, Sanders said, referring to Clinton’s time as a NY senator.
“Over the last several weeks I had the opportunity to meet with a number of residents of Flint at a town meeting in Flint, and I have to tell you what I heard, and what I saw literally shattered me…I believe the Governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible”.
Sanders has struggled throughout the Democratic contest to make inroads with black voters.
As Obama’s secretary of state, Clinton was far more enthusiastic about the Pacific trade deal taking shape than she became once she was running for president and trying to appeal to the liberal wing of her party.
Remington’s lawyers say it is shielded by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a 2005 law for which Sanders voted. Witnessing this, Sanders said, had informed his politics.
Sanders said he supports gunmakers being shielded from lawsuits in cases where guns are purchased legally. “We need to unify our country, not divide it”. The former USA secretary of state fired back with attacks on Sanders for his lack of support for the auto bailout back in 2009.
More than once, Sanders chafed at Clinton’s interruptions, saying, “Excuse me, I’m talking” or “Let me finish, please”.
CNN moderator Anderson Cooper followed up by asking Sanders about a recent Detroit News article published last week that claimed that Sanders is upsetting some Jewish leaders because he keeps his Jewish faith in the “background” and has not had a strong pro-Israel record. “Now they are trying to prevent that from happening to any other family, and the best way to do that is to go after the people… you know, we talk about corporate greed, the gun manufacturers sell guns to make as much money as they can make”.
The event is just hours before the polls open across MI for the primary and a day after the two were in a debate in Flint on CNN.