On Super Tuesday, Minnesota goes its own way


Trump was on many voters’ minds when they went into the polling booth – both those who supported him and those who didn’t. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are expressing optimism.

Nebraska Democratic Chair Vince Powers said he thinks how these candidates campaigned in the state played a big role in the turn out today.
Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking to 2,300 supporters in Lincoln, Mar. 3, 2016.
Other Baton Rouge voters criticized the leading candidate.
Bernie Sanders swept democratic caucuses – winning Nebraska – on Super Saturday, with Hillary Clinton taking Louisiana’s primary. For the first time, caucus sites have been established in all 93 of the state’s counties.
Later in the night, Sanders was also projected to defeat Clinton in Oklahoma.
Clinton’s push stemmed from hard lessons learned ahead of the 2008 election.
“The campaign really focused on Minnesota”, said Johnson.
Though Sanders won two of Saturday’s three contests, Clinton won eight delegates more than Sanders, based off AP projections. We’ve got the momentum, the energy and the excitement that will take us all the way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
“There’s a lot of early commitment right now”, Romjue said. “You ought to support her because the president’s job requires someone who gets up every day, on the great days and bad days and all days in between, and mobilizes us so we can all make something good happen”. Unfortunately for his campaign, it looks like he will split delegates with Clinton there.
Louisiana is the only state holding a traditional primary; results in one of the most delegate-rich state of the night are expected after polls close at 9 p.m. ET. Zieg wasn’t making any predictions, though.
The 31-year-old Crampton says the race for the party’s presidential nominee “was just too important to me to sleep in”. Patrick Newman, 23, of Bellevue, said he supports Sanders because he believes the Vermont senator has the most integrity in the Democratic field. But he also shied away from predicting a victor.
“Anyone running for president owes it to you to come up with real ideas, not an ideology, not an old set of talking points but a credible strategy designed for the world we live in now”, Clinton said in remarks pointed at both rivals.
“I’m going to speak out against bigotry wherever I see it or hear about it, ” she pledged.
Sanders defeated Clinton in Colorado’s presidential primary on Tuesday, but he is trailing Clinton in the chase for delegates.