Personal attacks fly between Trump, Rubio as Kasich defends continuing campaign


“He should have beaten President Obama”, Trump said, noting that Romney wants to still be relevant.

The shape and size of the hands of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, has become an election issue in the U.S., which at times comes as an embarrassment to many and joke to others.
Trump pushed back, arguing that the lawsuit is a civil case he could have settled “very easily”, but he doesn’t settle easily when he’s right. Without directly addressing the suggestion, he said, “No doubt, if we remain divided, Trump wins”. “Numerous people, the witnesses, did tremendously and made a lot of money by taking the course”.
Rubio, meanwhile, defended his decision to level personal attacks at Trump.
Donald Trump and Fox’s panel moderator, Megyn Kelly, exchanged pleasantries before the debate, mending some of the damage done after the two got into a spat at a previous debate last summer.
There were moments of policy debate Thursday night, too, as Rubio and Cruz pressed Trump aggressively on his conservative credentials, his business practices and shifting policy positions. But I’ve never seen a successful person who wasn’t flexible, who didn’t have a certain degree of flexibility.”Kasich sought to turn Trump’s statement on the value of “flexibility” into a character question”. According to CBS News’ latest count, Trump has 324 delegates, Cruz has 230 and Rubio has 111.
“He’s trying to con people into giving him their vote”, Rubio said, like he’d done with Trump University.
Romney’s team is now said to be coming up with a plan to stop Trump before he snags the Republican nomination, CNN reported on Thursday.
Trump dismissed his complaints as “irrelevant”, calling Romney a “choke artist” and a “failed candidate”.
Trump responds to Rubio’s suggestion he wouldn’t answer a policy question: “Don’t worry about it little Marco, I will”.
He followed up with oft-repeated lines about Mr Trump’s support for Democrats. Billionaire businessman Trump has so far led the field.
“I’m not going to even go there”, Romney said. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to not shout over each other.
A total of 1,237 delegates are required to win the Republican nomination.