Police investigating knife found at OJ Simpson’s former home


Hours after the world began buzzing after learning of a freakish new twist in a decades old murder case, multiple law enforcement sources are already saying the knife found where O.J. Simpson once lived is “inconsistent” with the 1994 killings of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

At the time, the officer, who worked in the traffic division, was off duty, working security for a movie shoot across the street from Simpson’s home.
Robert Blasier, who was chosen by Robert Shapiro because he specializes in forensic evidence, says he’s had cases where DNA has been discovered 30 years after a crime is committed, but he says even if this knife is related to the murders, it might be tough to pull genetic material or even fingerprints off the knife because it spent some time underground.
LAPD officials said the officer may have been retired.
The knife was dirty and muddy, and looked like it had been underground, Copeland said. He said there were no obvious signs of blood on the weapon.
Out of an abundance of caution, Maycott called Los Angeles police and told an officer about the knife, according to his lawyer. That person told his supervisor. He took the knife and kept it for years.
Andy Neiman talks during a new conference… “There are a number of knives that have been turned over”. The LAPD will investigate it, however, because it considers the Simpson-Goldman slayings an open case.
Copeland said his client has been “extraordinarily cooperative” with authorities. Quickly identified as a suspect, O.J. Simpson surrendered to police four days later at his Brentwood mansion after a slow-speed highway chase that was televised to millions on television. The weapon used in the stabbing deaths, described as a long, serrated knife, was not found.
Nicole Brown-Simpson had divorced the former football star. Simpson likely can not be prosecuted again for the stabbings because of constitutional protections against being charged for the same crime twice, or double-jeopardy.
“The only possible way around [double jeopardy] is if you can get a federal indictment for violation of civil rights”, but the statute of limitations has “almost certainly” passed on any such violation, Dershowitz said.
Police are testing the knife now, and it may well turn out to have nothing to do with the crime. “He wants to wait until he knows more”, Goldman’s wife, Patti Goldman, said during a brief phone interview. “I don’t know if that story is entirely accurate or if it is bogus from the get-go”.
O.J. Simpson was tried and acquitted of their murders in 1995, but the murder weapon used in the vicious attacks was never located.
There are many questions about the new discovery – including how it was found, whether it may possibly have predated Simpson’s living on the property, and why the officer in question failed to hand over what could be a significant piece of evidence in arguably the biggest murder case in Los Angeles history.
“Initially… there were several knives found around the property”, Lange said.