Samsung Is Not Buying Tidal, Company Says


Streaming music has been big business these past couple of years with all of the competition and various available services. That could mean Samsung is still looking for another streaming service to buy or partner with, but we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out. If they lock it into Samsung devices as Milk Music was, look for Tidal to be the next streaming domino to fall.

Tidal comes with a built-in userbase that undoubtedly beats Milk Music’s, but it’s not clear what Samsung’s plans for it may be.
“The pressure is definitely on”, one source, who said that TIDAL is having trouble paying some of its royalty bills on time, told the New York Post. It certainly didn’t help Samsung sell phones.
But sources warned Variety that Tidal might be asking for too high a price, and that perhaps a partnership might be more likely than an acquisition. “The rumor of Samsung acquiring Tidal is not true“, says the tech giant rep. The rumor began last October, when a Tidal owner reportedly stopped by the Samsung offices to meet with company execs.
The response didn’t address Milk Music’s shutdown.
While the competitive is strong in the form of services ranging from Apple Music and Prime Music to YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify, it is debatable if Samsung will exit the high growth streaming industry completely. Likewise, users of Samsung’s Milk Music are probably wondering about now whether or not Samsung will continue to operate Milk Music, and if not, how long would it be before the service shuts down.