Sanders Wins in Kansas, Nebraska; Hillary Wins in Louisiana


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won victories in the Kansas and Maine Republican caucuses Saturday, as GOP leader Donald Trump took the Louisiana primary, according to Associated Press projections. Trump may rebound with wins in Kentucky and Louisana, but what is clear is that the Republican campaign to stop Trump from capturing the nomination is having an impact.

In the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders also faced off Saturday in Kansas, Louisiana and Nebraska. Republicans and Democrats also were voting in Louisiana on Saturday. Cruz had 231, Rubio 110 and Kasich 25. John McCain – are fearful a Trump victory would lead to a disastrous November election, with losses up and down the GOP ticket.
It was the fifth victory thus far in the Republican primaries for Cruz, who also came out on top last month in Iowa and on Tuesday in Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska.
“Trump knows that Marco has the momentum in Florida and is afraid because he knows losing those 99 delegates to Marco will be a turning point in this race”, said campaign spokesman Alex Conant.
Clinton joined Ellen DeGeneres in NY to talk about sexism, Kanye running for president and her granddaughter’s first words.
In terms of the race for the delegates to clinch the nomination, little changed in the GOP race Saturday, because the delegates in all four states are awarded proportionately. Though Rubio’s team has argued that the states where he is expected to do well, such as his home state of Florida, have yet to vote.
Clinton and Sanders do battle Saturday in Kansas, Louisiana and Nebraska, while the Republicans are contesting Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine.
Voters will head to polls on Sunday for Democrats in Maine. But because Cruz won just 45 percent of the vote, the delegates were split among those candidates with at least 10 percent of the tally on a proportional basis.
Despite strong support from the GOP establishment, Florida Sen.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton meets with African American ministers at the Westin Book Cadillac hotel on Saturday in Detroit, Mich. Voters in MI will go to the polls March 8 for the state’s primary.
“No matter who wins this Democratic nomination, I have not the slightest doubt that on our worst day we will be infinitely better than the Republicans on their best day”, Clinton said.
Going into Super Tuesday’s primaries, Clinton had 1,066 delegates compared to Sander’s 432, including superdelegates (members of Congress, governors and party officials who can support the candidate of their choice).
But the anti-Trump forces have a short window of about two weeks for stopping the caustic businessman, who has accumulated 319 of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination at July’s Republican national convention, outpacing second-place rival Ted Cruz, a USA senator from Texas, who has 226 delegates.
The fast tightening of the race led political analyst Nate Silver of the 538 blog to call on networks and news sites to rescind their declarations of Trump’s victory in Louisiana. Both Florida and OH use the winner-take-all method to allocate Republican delegates, making the stakes in those two states particularly high.
Ted Cruz, I think, is an overall very strong candidate”, Bowers says.