Sanders Wins Vermont; GOP Side Too Close to Call


Of the 11 states that casted ballot on Tuesday, the Vermont senator scored big wins in his home state of Vermont (which was rather easy) along with Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota.

The Sanders campaign realized long ago that it needed to expand beyond young white voters if they hoped to secure the nomination.
In a Tuesday night press conference in Miami, Hillary Clinton addressed the crowd with excited messages for the future of the country. “We will need all of you to keep volunteering, doing everything you can, talking to your friends and neighbors, because this country belongs to all of us”. Though Trump didn’t win this group in all of those states, he was always strong with them. She was back in the state she represented for eight years, back among a coalition of allies from organized labor.
This will also be Clinton’s second event at Radio City Music Hall with John. But he failed elsewhere in the South, where he had campaigned extensively and early on. Marco Rubio, (R) Presidential Candidate.
Super Tuesday voters in three Cape Ann communities agreed on their top candidates: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. While a flood of Republican officeholders have rallied around him in recent days, his first victory remained elusive as results rolled in.
While analysts offered different takes on what’s to come in the race for the GOP nomination for president, they agreed that Hillary Clinton appears to have a lock on the Democratic nod.
It was decisive on both sides in the Virginia primary election, with Hilary Clinton easily beating out Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump winning over Republican voters.
Clinton is now assured of winning at least 175 delegates on Tuesday.
Now that Super Tuesday is over, we have a better idea of which candidates have momentum and who local voters support. The haul is the most a 2016 candidate has raised in a single month.
Only 66 of the 78 state delegates in Colorado are actually delegates in the most specific sense.
Still, Trump’s wins in the South were a blow to Cruz, who once saw the region as his opportunity to stake a claim to the nomination. Mr Trump displayed surprising strength with evangelical Christians and social conservatives, once seen as a natural constituency for Mr Cruz.
In six of the states on Tuesday, large majorities of Republican voters said they supported a proposal to temporarily ban all non-citizen Muslims from entering the United States, an idea championed by Trump. Meanwhile, 40 percent of Republican voters wanted experience, compared with 50 percent who wanted an outsider.
“Super delegates have been a part of democratic politics since the 1970s”, Hanson added.
According to exit-poll information from ABC, black voters made up 47 percent of the electorate in Alabama, 46 percent in Georgia, 29 percent in Tennessee, 26 percent in Arkansas, and 24 percent in Virginia. Its voter base has been decimated by Trump and it has no clear direction.
Colvin reported from Palm Beach, Florida.