SC teacher resigns after student leaks nude photo


A 16-year-old Union High School student has been charged with distributing pictures of a teacher from the teacher’s cellphone, according to the Union Public Safely Department.

The juvenile is charged with a computer crime and aggravated voyeurism.
As the photo went viral around the Union County Career and Technical Center, School Superintendent David Eubanks allegedly told Arthur that she had to either be dismissed or resign.
That’s when a 16-year-old student grabbed the phone and found the nude photo, then later sent it to other classmates via text and social media.
Arthur added that four of the photos from her cell phone have been printed and left in her mailbox.
Police said the aggravated voyeurism charge came after a forensic investigation of the teen’s phone revealed that the teacher’s photo and other images of sexual nature were stored in a separate passcode protected file.
The students’ petition praises her dedication to them and to the program.
Superintendent David Eubanks has said Arthur was to blame for leaving students unattended during a four-minute break between classes and that the school was concerned she could be contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
‘Contrary to statements attributed to Ms. Arthur concerning the phone, evidence indicates that students routinely used the teacher’s cell phone with her full permission‘.
The juvenile is being detained at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia.
Arthus has said that she isn’t sure she would want her job back. But when Arthur was on hall patrol duty on February 19, she left her phone on her desk, unlocked.
She says even though her privacy was invaded by the student, the school district still wanted her to resign from her teaching position, which she did the following week.
As for the boy, WYFF reports that the Union County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case and will determine whether the student is charged.
An online petition has been created by Arthur’s students calling for her reinstatement and describing the student’s actions in accessing her phone as a “blatant attack on her privacy”. Students at Union are sending around a petition to get her job back.
The statement also goes on to say that Arthur’s comments that the student is not being punished are incorrect and that the student’s punishment will be determined by law enforcement findings.
He said Arthur resigned a day after being confronted. Evidence also indicates that she allowed students to use her personal cell phone on a regular and routine basis.
This is a case where a staff member, properly supervising students, could have prevented a very serious problem. A point of view many have wondered is akin to claiming it’s a woman’s fault if she is raped if she dresses too provocatively.
They deemed the treatment of the teacher as unfair, especially when the student involved had not been punished. One error, along with many false statements, by a teacher, has and will affect the lives of many’. “The cellphone is her cellphone and it was her classroom and no one should be looking at her cellphone”.