Super Tuesday wraps up with big wins


During his victory speech (or press conference) in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump directed the attention towards Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is heavily favored to win most of the participating states, with the exception of Ted Cruz, whose home state of Texas has polled more favorably for him in recent weeks.

Hillary Clinton’s impressive Super Tuesday continued as more polls closed late Tuesday as the former secretary of State won both the Tennessee and Alabama primaries. But Super Tuesday looks set to prove that Trump’s fanbase really is as broad as it seems. She has a chance to essentially seal the nomination with a strong performance on Tuesday, while Bernie Sanders is looking to score some badly needed upsets and keep the race going. Fresh off her dominating win in last Saturday’s SC primary, Mrs. Clinton is poised to tap into her strong advantage among African-American voters and string together other big wins across the South. Most states will close their polls at 7 or 8 p.m. ET, though several caucuses won’t begin until 9 p.m. ET or later.
Bernie Sanders won in his home state of Vermont, as well as Colorado, Minnesota and Oklahoma.
ABC News’ coverage of the results can be seen below. Hard election results come from the organization holding the election, either the state political party or state government, depending on whether it’s a primary election or caucus, and take longer to be made publicly available.