Ted Cruz wins CPAC straw poll


Trump has spoken at the event for each of the past three years. One comment on his Facebook page reads: “you sold your political principles to the devil”.

“If there has been any candidate who deserved to be attacked that way it’s Donald Trump for the way he has treated people in the campaign”, Rubio said.
Richard McCormick of Kettering, Ohio, is undecided who to vote for in his state’s important primary on March 15th, but was still considering Trump. Ted Cruz. And his backers here contend that the strong reactions against Trump are based in fear of his challenges to the status quo.
The Trump campaign has responded that such is not the case and that Trump’s time was better spent getting delegates in Kansas than talking in Washington.
Trump and his fans wear the lack of establishment support as a badge of honor.
Heading into Saturday’s round of voting, Clinton had 1,066 delegates to Sanders’ 432, including superdelegates – members of Congress, governors and party officials who can support the candidate of their choice.
Democrats and Republicans have contests in Kansas and Louisiana.
Senator Cruz has won four of the 11 states so far while Senator Rubio, seen by many as the most logical mainstream alternative to Mr Trump, has won just one, and Mr Trump has won the rest. But it also indicates many Republicans still have deep misgivings about associating themselves with Trump’s personality and policies. Cruz is the guy who needs to be there.

“All of the Presidential candidates were offered Secret Service details and protection while they were participating in the conference and giving their speeches from the main stage.”
“You’ve gotta leave it to the voters to decide what they want”.
“The one who lost the least was Trump”, said a Hillsdale student. But Donald Trump is not, by any stretch, a traditional candidate. Mailers and phone calls critical of Trump also are going out.
And Sarah, tell us, why didn’t Donald Trump show up today?
“It splits”, he said.
John Kasich (KAY’-sihk) says a sure way to grab the spotlight for his campaign would be to hurl insults at the Republican presidential front-runner. Already his incompetent opponents have blundered by using the pejorative “brokered convention” rather than the favorable “open convention”, and by framing their movement as “stop Trump” rather than some sort of affirmation.
Just two weeks ago, Rubio came under fire for failing to commit to his appearance at CPAC (as well as for bailing out on the Conservative Review event in February), so suddenly he’s not the bad guy at this conference any longer. The uproar over Trump’s refusal to disavow Duke in a CNN interview – he later forcefully denounced him – is a manufactured controversy, Gruters said.
None of the criticism seems to be hurting Trump with his core supporters.