Ted Cruz wins Kansas GOP caucus


On Sunday, the Democrats will once again be caucusing, this time in ME, while the Republicans will hold a primary in Puerto Rico.

Among his supporters in Kansas was a 52-year-old engineer at an aviation company, David Cox.
On the Republican side, Louisiana has tended to vote for conservative, evangelical candidates.
Saturday’s contests were the first since retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson dropped from the race, after polling in the single-digits in most of the nominating contests.
The weekend contests will divvy up 175 delegates among the Republican candidates and 134 delegates between Clinton and Sanders.
Trump lobbed criticism at his GOP rivals.
He has picked up the support of state officials, including state Sen. Rubio frequently tells of his brother injuring himself jumping from a plane during his military service and repeatedly struggling to navigate the federal bureaucracy for care.
Clinton has a lead of about 200 pledged delegates over Sanders, while Trump leads Cruz by around 100 delegates and is about 200 delegates ahead of the third place candidate Rubio. All told, there are 155 delegates at stake for the Republican candidates, and 126 delegates at stake for Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. No GOP delegates have yet been allocated in any of the other states. At a later rally in Jacksonville, Florida, he pleaded for support from the same city “that believed in me” in his successful Senate bid six years ago.
Participants brought enthusiasm and a sense of urgency to a contest that will help determine whether front-runner Donald Trump maintains his momentum against three Republican opponents who want to represent the party in the presidential contest in November.
Cheers erupted from the capacity-crowd inside the University of Central Florida campus arena.
While Clinton won just one state Saturday, it was big enough for her to expand her delegate lead as she inches closer to securing the nomination.
He delivered his speech the same day early voting began statewide in Florida.
In Kansas, Republican Party Executive Director Clay Barker reported heavy turnout, with even small counties reporting more voters than anticipated, according to the Associated Press.
WICHITA, Kan. (AP) – In a split decision, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump each captured two victories in Saturday’s four-state round of voting, fresh evidence that there’s no quick end in sight to the fractious GOP race for president.
Sanders’ wins in the caucus states could offer him a boost after he was overshadowed by Clinton on Super Tuesday.
Trump won in Louisiana and was leading in Kentucky. Republicans in three other states, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii, also will vote on Tuesday.
Kathy Smith of Mount Vernon voted for Ted Cruz. However, Rubio trails Trump by a wide margin in Florida polls, and Kasich trails the front-runner narrowly in Ohio.
Flanked by Secret Service officers and in his entourage, Trump casually stopped in front of a bank of cameras and asked a Fox News reporter whether Kentucky had been called.
But as the results of the Kansas caucus began to roll in, Trump held a rally in Orlando, Fla. that was punctuated by protest, and the apparent debut of a “protestor cam” by the Trump campaign to show the action. “They’ve got to be very careful”, Trump said in Wichita before the vote.
She said it doesn’t hurt that Clinton is a woman, and she thought Bill Clinton did a great job when he was president.
On Saturday, both parties have contests in Kansas and Louisiana.
-“I adore Trump. I think his heart is as big as his hands”. But some say his refusal to join the Republican melee is keeping him off center stage.
Susan Mendenhall is 62 and describes herself as a “one-woman media campaign” who posts information about the OH governor on social media. She says, “There are lots of Flints out there”.
Evans said she looked at the Republican field but “didn’t like what I saw” when looking for someone who reflected her values.
Sanders is in Cleveland for an event at a historic black church.
“This is the first time I’ve [caucused]-it’s the first time it’s mattered”, he said.