Tina Fey Complains It is a ‘Terrible Time’ for Female Comedians


I think it’s written into Fey’s contract that she gets to dance to a ’90s dance tune in each movie she does. She took a risk past year, too, playing against type in Sisters in which she was the loud, daring sibling opposite best friend/soul mate Amy Poehler’s staid, boring sis.

And partying in a war zone.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is amusing, it’s scattered, and it’s eminently forgettable. “It’s only… years away”. “It’s about relationships. It’s not political and it’s not Dr. Strangelove”. Carlock is a longtime collaborator with Tina Fey, dating back to their days together on Saturday Night Live and continuing onto the smart sitcom 30 Rock and other ventures.
Indeed, Fey had her own adventure coping with the dual responsibilities as producer and lead actress in nearly every scene. We’ll have to see what happens, since something like this can easily fall through the cracks, especially if it’s not a financial success, but I’d keep an eye on it when the time comes late in 2016. But she has a secret to managing the double-duty stress. “If you were to really look at it, the boys are still getting more money for a lot of garbage, while the ladies are hustling and doing awesome work for less”. “Truthfully, I was a fan of Martin’s forever from the British “Office” and ‘Fargo, ‘ and so it’s one thing when you’re producing a movie, I’m like, ‘I want that guy, ‘” she said.
“It’s their movie more than anyone else’s, once you’re on the day”, says Fey of the directors.
That’s the strength of a film that, at its best, captures the dizzyingly contradictory feelings of attraction and horror toward the life-and-death stakes of war, and of feeling both at home and at sea in a cacophonous, confounding world. “There were stories falling off of trees there, and it was about going and scooping them up in a safe way”, Barker said. MASH? Casablanca? We get a soupçon of all of the above.
Wartime comedies can be hard to pull off, especially when it involves a war that’s still so present in many minds.
Selling the complex Whiskey Tango Foxtrot as an entertainment is another story.
Fey further complained of being told by reporters, “People say women aren’t amusing”.
For Fey, comedy, like journalism, often originates in things that tick people off. Citing Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain and the SNL “Weekend Update” anchors – “In that order”, she said – Fey argues that jokes have long had an essential role in cultural critique.
The movie gets an extra half a star for using two good songs perfectly.