Tina Fey says it’s a ‘terrible time’ for women in comedy


The movie was filmed not in Afghanistan, but New Mexico.

“Even though we filmed this in New Mexico, we couldn’t help but get a sense of what life is like for people over there, thanks to talking to a lot of good advisers, and most importantly Kim Barker“, Fey added. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot will hit the U.S. cinemas on March 4.
Fey, who also produced the project, explains that it’s about how different people react in war situations. “That’s the most American-white-lady story I’ve ever heard”, one character tells her, and it’s hard not to agree. In ’30 Rock, ‘ things had to be heightened.
Those rudimentary questions were especially prevalent during last year’s press tour for “Sisters”, in which Fey starred alongside Amy Poehler. “That’s just insanely amusing”. According to the star, Abbott – who once described himself as a “euro-mutt” and is of Italian and Portuguese heritage – heavily researched his role as Fey’s onscreen guide and confidant. “Yes”, she said, “but other than that I think he would have liked this movie”. “Not really”, Barker replied.
“My type is travel size”, she said. “I think everybody there is up for it, but also because he’s still cute”. Among her instant friends include a Lara Logan-esque TV journalist named Tanya (Margot Robbie), a dashing Scottish photographer named Ian (Martin Freeman) and Baker’s “fixer”, a quietly observant local named Fahim. However, there’s one scene Tina is pleased her father isn’t around to see. “It’s very frustrating. You can’t see”. During an interview on Howard Stern’s show on Tuesday, the radio host asked Fey why she never did a sequel to the film. The dedication of the film to her late father is significant because of Donald’s involvement in the Korean War and his professional career as a writer.
But it’s staying alive at her journalist base that could prove more problematic, all the more so since Baker is one of the few female correspondents. “It’s a way of calling b– on something”. “As long as you walk over to them”.
Fey was the driving force in getting the movie made, first learning of it from a glowing review of Barker’s book in The New York Times in 2011.
“That’s the whole reason I wrote this book”, she said. I didn’t want to be a metro reporter at the Chicago Tribune anymore. It’s the part of journalism that I love. “I feel like the movie is true to the narrative arc of the book, and there’s a certain truthiness there”. WTF isn’t exactly a comedy, but it has plenty of amusing moments, showcasing the gallows humor that reporters rely upon when faced with death all around them.