Trump defends manhood, front-runner status in wild debate


“If there’s anyone who’s ever deserved to be attacked that way, it’s Donald Trump”, Rubio said.

Donald Trump’s rivals stepped on the Fox New debate stage on Thursday with a game plan: to convince Republican voters in the upcoming primaries to vote for anyone but the current front-runner.
Despite the fact that John Oliver’s demolition of Donald Drumpf on Sunday included a wealth of evidence that people have, in fact, been “hit[ting] his hands for decades”, Trump plead ignorance.
Rubio, who struggled to escape a barrage of insults from Trump throughout the debate, defended his own past support for comprehensive reform and vowed to pursue similar policies in the future.
Rubio reacted to the belittling label by accusing Trump of having small hands. “Are they small hands?”
“If they’re small, something else must be small”, he said, referring to his manhood. ‘He has conned the people of Florida into voting for him, and I’ll tell you what, they are angry!
‘Romney’s a bitter man, ‘ Trump said. “I say that because it’s the kind of thinking this country need with its $19 trillion in debt”.
Less than an hour later after Cruz’s appeal, the #NeverTrump strategy began to quickly crumble when moderator Bret Baier used the last question of the night to press each of Trump’s rivals on whether they would honor the GOP loyalty pledge they signed past year and support Trump if he is the nominee.
Trump’s campaign on Monday reached out to House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, the country’s top elected Republican, after days of criticism of Trump from Ryan.
The Detroit debate will be one more opportunity for Rubio and Cruz to try to slow Trump’s momentum.
Donald Trump looked like a suspect being cross-examined on the witness stand before a suspicious jury.
When the Fox questioners showed Trump changing his mind on a variety of topics from the Iraq war to whether to allow Syrian refugees into the United States, Trump shrugged.
But his diciest moments came during interchanges not with Rubio or Cruz – but Fox’s Megyn Kelly, with whom Trump clashed memorably seven months ago in the first primary debate of the 2016 cycle, when she pressed him on why he had previously made derogatory remarks about women.
With the race down to just four people, the remaining candidates turned their fire exclusively on Trump and not each other in the Fox News Channel debate in Detroit, Mich. Florida Sen. The two senators, who in earlier debates had devoted considerable time to throwing sharp elbows at one another, pressed Trump aggressively on his conservative credentials, his business practices and changing policies. “Our anger was transformed into energy directed for good”, he said. Trump said, holding them out.
Romney said that the president of the USA has always been the leader of the free world.
“Well, let’s hear it, big Donald”, Rubio responded.
“It is a sad day in American politics when you have a presidential candidate on a debate stage talking about his genitalia”, said Noll.
Trump was asked if he, too, would support whoever wins the nomination.