Turkish PM visits Iran despite differences on Syria


Turkey and Iran must develop a “common perspective” in order to end sectarian strife in the region, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said during a visit to Tehran on Saturday.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that both Iran and Turkey support the current Syrian ceasefire and the preservation of Syria’s territorial integrity.
He stressed that certain regional problems have not harmed Tehran-Ankara relations.
“We are in an environment of very big and deep problems with developments in the Middle East… It was agreed that the countries’ Joint Commission meet in Turkey over the next month so all the obstacles in the way of the bilateral trade be identified and removed”, he added.
Trade between the two nations was $9.7 billion (8.8 billion euros) in 2015, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.
Earlier Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan, Iran’s deputy transport minister said that Tehran is interested to buy Boeing 737.
The vote ended more than a decade of conservative domination of the legislature and the Assembly of Experts, a body that oversees the Islamic republic’s supreme leader. But government incentives, a well educated workforce, and vast oil reserves that obviate the need for energy imports could help Tehran close the gap in the coming years.
The presence of terrorist groups, he said, poses a threat to security and stability in the entire region.
Iranian carriers have among the oldest fleets in global aviation following decades of sanctions that have left the country unable to leverage its geographical location and a domestic market of almost 80 million people.
“Even though we have some different views in some fields, we also have common views in many fields”.
Davutoglu acknowledged on Saturday that Iran and Turkey differ on Syria, but said cooperation between the two was necessary to end the bloodshed there.
Turkey, along with Western and Arab countries, say Assad must leave power.
Iran sells gas to Turkey and an increase in exports is one of the topics that should be discussed during Davutoglu’s trip. However, he did not specify when officials from the United States plane maker will visit Iran.