Minecraft is heading for China

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Blockbuster sandbox game Minecraft is finally making its way to China. Mojang announced the news last week that a partnership has been formed with NetEase, one of China’s top game developers.

NetEase is famously known for working with big time gaming company, Blizzard Entertainment and brought in the well-known Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Hearthstone.

“We are excited to bring Minecraft to Chinese audiences, and expect our large online community to embrace this preeminent game. With our deep understanding of the Chinese market and our ability to successfully launch world-renowned online and mobile games, we offer a strong platform for the introduction of Minecraft to China’s vast user base,” expressed the CEO and founder of NetEase, William Ding.

There are at least 700 million Chinese internet users in the Mainland. Minecraft has 100 million registered players that it could see a potential hike for its customer base.

“We’ll always embrace opportunities to bring Minecraft to new players around the world. NetEase understands our long-term vision for Minecraft and supports Mojang’s ideals, we’re delighted to have them on board,” said Mojang CEO, Jonas Martensson.

Minecraft took some time to reach China because the Chinese government enforces laws to prevent Western software developers from entering the Chinese market so easily. Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation were recently allowed to be sold in China.

There are not a lot of detailed information regarding “Minecraft-China”, but the game will be tailored for the Chinese audiences. No release date was given.

“Minecraft-China” will be on mobile and PC.