Nancy Reagan brought unabashed zeal for luxury to Washington


Reagan died Sunday at her home in Los Angeles.

Reagan recognized that the Republican Party was not going to win unless the sides united, biographer Lou Cannon said.
Roger Sandler, a personal photographer to the Reagans, told ABC News, “Whether it was personal or official, if you wanted to get a policy question to him and you couldn’t get to him directly, people would call Mrs. Reagan”. Her view was more, I’m gonna watch you and if I think you’re good for my husband, then you’ve got a friend for life.
He adds after some more small talk, Nancy told them that she was born in Queens – and again Nicotra was able to again muster up even more courage and mentioned he would love to meet her husband. For the past decade, she protected his legacy. But as first lady, she seemed to telegraph that she had finally found her role of a lifetime – adoring wife of the president – and she planned to luxuriate in it. She loved classic designer clothes, counted as her best gal pals the ladies-who-lunch wives of industry titans, and spent $200,000 on new china for the White House.
“I like red”, she once said, “it’s a picker-upper”.
Reagan will lay in repose Wednesday and Thursday before being buried Friday at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California, next to her husband, Ronald Reagan.
“The White House was a public house”, Eckart said.
Not surprisingly, one of the exhibit sections in “The First Ladies at the Smithsonian” that features Nancy Reagan is entitled “Fashionable First Ladies”. His wife, more than anyone, knew how to appeal to him and had his confidence.
Former first lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral will be held Friday at 2 p.m. ET, according to Melissa Giller, spokesperson for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.
On Monday, Nancy and Ronald’s 57-year-old son, Ronald Prescott “Ron” Reagan, spoke to the Today show about his parents’ special relationship. In fact, she took such a public beating, I sometimes felt a tad sorry for her.
Mary Rose Oakar and Dennis Eckart, both of whom represented parts of Greater Cleveland in Congress, on Monday praised Nancy Reagan as gracious, courageous and effective.
After the Iran-contra scandal, involving arms-selling to Iran in exchange for release of American hostages, she helped engineer his ouster in 1987. She noted I had been present for numerous high and lows of her life and her husband’s, and she thanked me for my professionalism.