One order of drinks, one receipt makes some bar owners angry


MONTREAL – One order of drinks, one receipt.Since last February, all bars have had to provide customers with a receipt for every alcoholic beverage ordered.It’s a law that is meant to counter fraud.And the government is taking it seriously, as they can dish out fines of up to $50,000 for repeat offenders.But there are exceptions to the rule.Venues like the Bell Centre do not have to provide customers with a receipt.And that has some bar owners screaming foul. Story continues below


Montreal bar owners challenge Bell Centre

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“It’s insulting to us because it’s like, [the government says], we trust them but we don’t trust you,” said bar owner Peter Sergakis. “Not all the bar owners avoid paying taxes to the government, it’s not true. So why penalize them, why give them more work. Why give them more expenses.”Bar owners say it’s a logistical nightmare. On a busy night when customers order separate drinks, it can get complicated for the waiting staff.The new law has Sergakis wondering if the government knows anything about running a bar.“It’s true, if the Bell Centre gives a bill to every customer it would take them longer,” said Sergakis. “But why did they allow them not to do it and they want us to do it. Because they don’t know the business. Zero.”Global News was unable to reach anyone at Revenue Quebec for comment. 

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