Brand New Owners for Rossini’s Furniture Also Means a Brand New Look

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— Tracy and Trevor Rickards are new owners of Rossini’s Furniture, and with them came a vision for a whole new look and feel for the store itself. The store aim to provide customers with a chance to see and experience the furniture first hand, develop new ideas for their own furniture or create something custom made. With numerous selections, a new look, new owners and an expert design team; Rossini’s Furniture is back in business.

The new renovations within the showroom and the operation of the company are now underway, and the new owners are proud to announce the grand reopening that will cater to customers who wish to experience the new Rossini’s firsthand. With furniture for most every room of the home and a new way to look at each of them, Rossini’s is a high quality, highly regarded furniture store serving the Calgary and surrounding areas.

Rossini’s Furniture is pleased to showcase their new look, and also some of the newer furniture that is currently being provided throughout the market. Customers can now enjoy the look and feel of each masterfully crafted piece of furniture in-store. The new owners also stated, “Come on in and experience our luxurious leathers, tempting textiles, and supple sofas.” Rossini’s Furniture is proud to showcase their offerings and how they represent the values that they stand for, as well as the passion that drives them. With Rossini’s prominently displaying their best designs in-store, customers can easily order something similar or come up with a new custom design, all together. Tracy and Trevor promises customers that at the brand new Rossini’s, customers will get exactly what they want.

The spokespeople for Rossini’s stated, “We are the exclusive dealers of some of the top Canadian brands of furniture for the city of Calgary. If you want to find the highest quality made, comfortable and beautiful furniture that you can showcase inside your home, Rossini’s most likely has it.”

About Rossini’s Furniture: Offering the best custom made furniture, Rossini’s is located in Calgary, AB, and works with some of the top Canadian brands. Specializing in high-quality furniture, Rossini’s allow customers to make their dream item a reality. Their unique home furnishings are able to bring quality, passion, beauty and style to any home.

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