​Authority Super Summit Takes Guinness World Record and Launches Authority TV

Press Release

When it comes to business, the key to success is to get positioned as an industry authority; that is, someone who is highly sought-after in their area of expertise.

From the 22nd to the 31st of March, aspiring entrepreneurs had the chance to learn how to become an industry authority via the Authority Super Summit. A collaborative effort between Authority Factory’s Josh Denning and the founder of Insurgent Publishing, Tom Morkes, the summit was a much anticipated event – and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Drawing together 100 of the world’s most switched-on entrepreneurs, it delivered practical information that aimed to assist business people in working towards becoming sought-after industry authorities.

History in the making!

The Authority Super Summit was a live, virtual summit that featured some of the brightest people in the business world. With free registration and easy access via the internet, budding entrepreneurs tuned in from all corners of the globe to listen to revered authorities sharing their tips and advice.

Expert knowledge and life changing information aside, this event successfully broke a world record. The Authority Super Summit was registered with the Guinness World Records and set a new record for the world’s longest uninterrupted live streaming audio cast. This amazing feat only serves to highlight the world-class nature of this event and exemplifies the depth of information offered to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Those who registered and took part in the summit are now able to tick a very enviable goal off their bucket lists – setting a Guinness World Record!

The brains behind the summit.

As mentioned earlier, the Authority Super Summit was a collaborative event that was organised and hosted by Josh Denning and Tom Morkes – however 100 speakers took to the microphone and shared information over the course of the summit.

Josh Denning is the founder and CEO of Authority Factory, a full service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping business owners achieve superior online authority. The company enacts a broad range of digital marketing strategies – such as SEO, pay per click traffic optimisation, content marketing and conversion rate optimisation – to deliver a holistic, results-driven service. By increasing profits predictability and making the sales process more enjoyable, Authority Factory aims to unlock the key to business success.

Tom Morkes is the founder and CEO of Insurgent Publishing, a full service publishing company that fills a perceived void left by the ‘broken’ model of traditional publishing. Insurgent Publishing offers authors an alternative to run-of-the-mill publishers that care only for profits; Morkes is passionate about the written word and has been instrumental in the success of a number of books to date.

How the Authority Super Summit worked.

Over the course of the event, the Authority Super Summit broadcasted talks from a world-class authority line up. It ran through the five pillars of becoming an industry authority, with an extensive number of relevant speakers providing advice and information for each pillar.

These pillars were presented as follows:

Pillar 1: Mindset. The summit began with a series of talks on developing and maintaining an authority mindset – a critical aspect to business success. Participants learnt how to handle failure, stress and other challenges that are inevitably faced by entrepreneurs.

Pillar 2: Content. Content experts from around the globe shared information surrounding content creation. The main take away from this pillar was the point that authority content should be aimed at solving problems; it’s about creating content that delivers value to (and effectively reaches) the target audience.

Pillar 3: Distribution. Participants discovered how to master authority distribution by way of finding the fastest, most cost-effective and efficient path to their target audience. Speakers provided information regarding the development of automated sales funnels, the use of inexpensive marketing channels and also how to scale early success via paid advertising.

Pillar 4: Platform. Speakers revealed information regarding the creation of an authority platform; that is, a platform that allows clients to effectively find and connect with a business. Participants learnt how to grow an active online community around their products and services, whilst also nurturing their network of crucial influencers.

Pillar 5: Positioning. The final pillar shared information regarding how participants could work to position themselves as an industry authority. By becoming an authority that clients actively seek out, it becomes possible to finally charge a company or individual’s true worth.

The resounding success of the Authority Super Summit has led Denning and Morkes to consider similar events in the future. Thanks to this world record breaking summit, a place in the history books has been assured – however it doesn’t mean this dynamic duo aren’t already looking forward to bigger and better things!

Denning and Morkes most thought provoking comment on what’s coming was:

“We will definitely host future Authority Super Summits; but we’re even more excited about Authority TV. Which is a cutting edge form of modern media. Our research tell us this style of media is something close to what ‘the new television’ will become. Its interactive, internet based, educational, entertaining and people love it.”

The live multimedia program promises to interview market leaders in business growth, marketing, sales, authority positioning and technology once a week. Authority TV however will be more like a segmented television program than a typical interview an expert show. The amazing spin being that viewers can interact with their business hero’s live.

The show is segments based. It has a segment called The State of Authority, a segment called Tool Time, where SaaS developers speak on tools to accelerate business growth and a range of other segments to help business people achieve scale in their businesses. The show is also sponsored so once every thirty minutes, a short highly relevant commercial will play.

The pair say they’re spending five days in their secret Authority Lab during April to finalise plans for a May or June launch.

Stay tuned for what this cutting edge pair of entrepreneurs have on the horizon.