1000% Explosion of New High-Level Connections via MOJO Global B2B Lead Gen in Less Than 90 Days

Press Release

Recently Michael Taggart, also known as Michael X, purchased MOJO Global’s B2B Lead Generation System to expand and grow Adventure Marketing’s Lead Generation Initiative. Michael is impressed by the massive growth of high-level connections and the amount of new business closed as a direct result of utilizing MOJO Global’s Prospecting Tool.

Within a short period of time after taking the training classes and launching MOJO’s Lead Generation Prospecting Software, the VP of International Finance for a major international corporation and the CEO of a Fortune 500 company reached out to discuss working with Adventure.

In addition, a high-level executive for an international company that runs over 60% of all of Europe’s credit card transactions approached the firm as a potential investor and market developer. Thanks to MOJO, Adventure is contacted weekly by 50 – 100 business executives asking about products and services.

Three-quarters of the people targeted by using MOJO’s Software are leaving positive feedback, comments and replies. “Using MOJO Global’s B2B Lead Generation Software System is a win-win for any B2B business,” states Michael.

MOJO’s grown from a local marketing agency to a global entity that’s trained tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in over 30 countries and generates 7-figures a year by offering cutting edge B2B Lead Generation Techniques, Tips, Training and Lead Generation Software.

Founders Cory Michael Sanchez and Ira Rosen are nationally recognized speakers and co-authors of 4 highly acclaimed books, including “Got Mojo?”, “6 Award-Winning Secrets for Explosive Business Growth” and “Zero to Hero.”

MOJO Global was bestowed the prestigious “Marketer of the Year” Award by the Phoenix Business Journal and the Best Video Product of 2012 by Icon Media for Proprietary B2B Lead Generation Software.

To find out how MOJO can help your business grow, visit www.MojoGlobal.com or schedule a Complimentary 15-Minute “How to Generate Exceptional B2B Leads Consultation” by contacting friends@MojoGlobal.com or calling 480-339-4300.

Contact Info:
Name: Cory Michael Sanchez
Email: friends@MojoGlobal.com
Phone: 480-339-4300
Organization: MOJO Global