22nd Beauty Blogger Trials Natural Acne Treatment Cream

Press Release

Since a successful launch on Amazon UK in September 2015, Acne Ultra Clear have seen the popularity of their product increase significantly. Bloggers across the UK have been keen to feature the natural acne cream on their blogs and this week a new blogger has posted their blog about the brand.

Jodie, of jodieloue.com, has written a blog about the product, briefly describing its ingredients and effectiveness and also including pictures of the natural acne treatment cream.

“…you dab it onto the affected areas, or you can use it as an alternative to moisturiser, and rub it in until absorbed. This aims to reduce redness and spot visibility, and has no artificial colours.” Jodie said when discussing Acne Ultra Clear.

Jodie is the 22nd UK blogger to feature Acne Ultra Clear on their blog in less than 12 months.

“It definitely does reduce redness, and my spots are certainly disappearing faster…It leaves my skin feeling soft, and moisturised, and it’s definitely one I’ll continue to use.” Jodie continued.

Jodie’s blog about Acne Ultra Clear can be found here: http://www.jodieloue.com/2016/04/acne-ultra-clear-…

“We’re thrilled by what Jodie has written about our natural acne treatment cream.” said John, Managing Director of Acne Ultra Clear, “Right from the beginning of our product launch journey, we have been keen to work with bloggers and vloggers as we recognise that they can influence in a way that ads just can’t.”

The brand continue to push for more bloggers to put their acne treatment cream to the test.

“We believe in our product and we know it works, so it’s really important to send samples out to bloggers to see whether they agree with the effectiveness of our product.” continued John, “We’ve had really positive feedback so far from bloggers and we look forward to dealing with more bloggers and vloggers in the future.”

Alongside being sold on Amazon UK, Acne Ultra Clear is also sold on Amazon.de and Amazon.es and the brand hope to sell their product on more Amazon marketplaces in future.

Acne Ultra Clear is a natural acne treatment cream, designed for mild acne sufferers of all skin types. It is EU Certified and is currently sold in a 50ml jar size.

Acne Ultra Clear can be bought from Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Natural-Acne-Treatment-Cre…