814 Interactive Launches New Promotional Offer Geared Toward Small Businesses

Press Release

According to reports published last year, online consumers continue to be largely unaffected by blatant online advertising campaigns. An estimated 80 percent admit to favoring organic leads over paid ads when conducting searches for products and services, indicating a potential 10 percent increase over the previous year. Website content appears to be a rising star in this regard with consumers increasingly trending toward neutral and informative material. This comes as no surprise to the staff of digital marketing firm 814 Interactive who have watched this development unfold for some time.

With the surging emphasis on content in mind, spokesperson Adam Roseland has launched the company’s latest offer geared toward new clients. Roseland elaborated, “Small businesses are our focus, and we’re well aware of just how profoundly SEO impacts our clients. They’re constantly at risk of being overshadowed by larger companies and national or international chains targeting local customers. At the same time, search engines repeatedly change their algorithms, impacting the effectiveness of current online marketing tactics. In an effort to help small businesses, we’re guaranteeing new clients an increase in online traffic; otherwise, their first month of SEO service is free.”

Where website content is concerned, a number of elements factor into effective SEO. According to industry authorities, the most prominent of these is originality. In order to draw public attention, written information must stand out by offering information not found on competitors’ websites. Though keyword and phrase inclusion remains crucial to being indexed by search engines, recently updated algorithms allow for slightly greater freedom in this respect than those of the past. Diversified use of search terms is also increasingly vital.

Blogging likewise plays growing role in SEO efforts. Aside from being an additional opportunity for keyword and key phrase use to boost search engine rankings, this strategy can be considered a marketing portal. Providing unbiased informational posts on various aspects of a company’s industry aids in building trust among modern consumers. This alone has proven effective in lead conversion as well as generating greater public interest through social media.

Concluded Roseland, “Our goal is to help small businesses improve their online presences through a blend of SEO, PPC and content marketing, formulating a plan unique to each client while taking into consideration the finer points of the industries they serve. We don’t require contracts, we’re dedicated to being transparent about the services we offer, and we strive to generate results for those entrusting us with their SEO and marketing needs.”

About 814 Interactive:

A Philadelphia-based digital marketing firm, 814 Interactive concentrates on SEO, PPC and content marketing. Their team is dedicated to creating innovative ideas to help boost clients’ online presences through effective techniques continually restructured to keep up with changing consumer expectations and search engine requirements.