All That 3D Publish New Guide To The Best 3D Printing Pens Released In 2016

Press Release

Drawing is a form of self-expression. An artist puts their mind and heart into every stroke they make until they finish their masterpiece. While some appreciate drawing and paintings, others prefer something more structural, something real that exists outside the page. Fortunately for those people, drawing can now come to life with the use of a 3D printing pen. All That 3D is a website dedicated to helping people discover more about this great new emerging technology, and has published a new article on the best 3D printing pens of 2016.

The article ( begins with a general introduction to 3D printing pens, how they work and what they can be used for. The article also explains the basis for the evaluation for each of the reviews, so that individuals to can assess the pens independently and then compare them against one another on given features, selling points and advantages.

The items covered include the SketchPro, Soyan, NexTech, Glyby, MYNT3D and more. Together with being evaluated, the article also provides the best advice on where to purchase each item in order to get the best deal. Every item receives a three bullet point summary of the most important conclusions drawn by the editorial team, to make purchasing easy at a glance.

A spokesperson for All That 3D explained, “For those who wish that drawings were available in 3D, your wish is granted. Art has reached a new level of accomplishment with the creation of 3D printing pens. With a 3D printing pen, you can design, fabricate and conquer your dreams with results that stand out on your paper because the world has already moved on from flat images to 3D. With our new article, individuals can find everything they need to know about the best products available, to enable them to make an informed consumer decision.”

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