Ancient Art Dealer Provides Services Unique to the Artifact Business

Press Release

APRIL 16, 2016 – New York, NY – Located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, art dealers and collectors can find a haven of artifacts and collectables available for purchase. But one gallery stands above the rest. Sadigh Gallery has long been in stiff competition with many other venues, but it’s massive collection of ancient art, coins, jewelry, artifacts, statutes and more has made the gallery one of the most popular galleries for more than 30 years. Recently, Sadigh Gallery revamped its policies making them some of the most unique in the artifact business.

Owner Michael Sadigh states that “the gallery is a representation of the history of our culture as well as many ancient cultures. We give collectors, hobbyists, and the casual buyer the chance to own a wide variety of ancient art and collectables, and making sure every single person who shops our gallery in person, via catalog, or on our website is satisfied with their purchase.” Sadigh Gallery now offers a no-risk return policy, something many artifact and ancient art dealers shy away from by claiming that all sales are final and non-negotiable. Sadigh Gallery offers buyers the opportunity to exchange or return purchases. Sadigh states that “customers can return the item in exchange for another, or return it for a full refund. We are willing to work with and for the customer. We don’t simply take their money and send them out the door.”

Sadigh Gallery’s policy allows customers to return items “for any reason.” There are no hoops to jump through or questions to answer, and there are never hard feelings. In fact, if a customer wants to exchange an item, Sadigh Gallery will even help them find a piece that’s more satisfactory for their collection. Refunds are credited back in the full amount, and customers have 10 days to ship their item back if it was mailed.

About Sadigh Gallery
Sadigh Gallery is a family-owned ancient art gallery that specializes in buying and selling artifacts and coins from around the world. Sadigh Gallery has the most comprehensive selection of authentic cultural artifacts, coins, jewelry, and antiquities from nearly every recorded culture in history. All items are sold with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity and are guaranteed authentic. The gallery prides itself on providing high quality service and collectables to each and every customer and offers a full purchase price refund for all antiquities and artifacts. Find the perfect gift or collectable at Sadigh Gallery, in person at 303 5th Ave in New York City or online