Announcing Sales Vacatures With Sales Training – By NEXOR Sales People Gain a Better Payoff

Press Release

Sales Vacatures (sales vacancies) can be filled with young sales professionals who want to expand their resume and gain practical experience in multiple projects. They are able to work with the largest business to business firms in a variety of roles. Nexor Sales People works with promising people to prepare them for a career in sales. Temporary positions add to the portfolio of skills and experience. Because NEXOR does the training and coaching, the businesses gain a better payoff.

Since 2003, NEXOR has identified and hired HBO and sales talent. The company does the training and coaching. They also offer sales professionals the opportunity to gain practical experience. Those who are selected for NEXOR programs are ambitious, and ready to build the experience they need to advance. The majority of experiences are with business-to-business sales where trainees are able to see that account management requires hard work and dedication.

In addition to the stated sales vacatures (sales vacancies), NEXOR looks for motivated employees to work on sales projects. If the applicant is interested in (re) starting a sales career, NEXOR may be able to help. A completed resume is the first step in the process. The applicant will then be contacted for a face-to-face interview where ambitions and motivation is discussed. The interview process will help to provide focus and direction. During the appointment, applicants are advised about a career, about NEXOR prospects and about potential jobs.

A week of professional training at the Sales Academy will help prepare an individual to pursue a career as an account manager, junior account manager, or other sales position. Some of the specific programs which are offered by NEXOR include Lead Generation; Deal Shaping and Deal Closing, Business Etiquette, NEXOR Sales program and Sales Boot Camp.

On the other side of the equation, managers, sales managers and inside sales managers are encouraged to allow NEXOR Sales People to provide young sales professionals to gain experience.