Announcing The Launching of Beste Virusscanner Website That Identifies Malware Threats

Press Release

Tom Bert is pleased to announce the launch of the beste virusscanner (best antivirus) review website. With a majority of people today familiar with the use of the internet or mobile devices for work, communication, entertainment or record keeping, online security is a growing issue. Before downloading antivirus software and hoping that it will prevent the malicious or just annoying virus strains from taking up residence in the computer, checking out the capabilities of the many types of software available is time well-spent.

Reports from the 2nd quarter of 2015 indicate an estimated 21 million new malware threats were created. Malware can cause viruses which block the computer from efficient operation. Trojans allow hackers to enter into the system of the user and gain access to personal information. Another type of malware is ransom-ware which can lock files preventing use until the user pays a ransom. It is worth noting that the major way in which viruses enter into a computer is through phishing schemes.

Choosing a reliable antivirus program will take several factors into consideration, each of which is included in the information on the website. The software to prevent viruses is free in many instances. Other software requires either a one-time purchase and updates or a subscription service. For the major antivirus brands, the review site includes a numerical ranking describing protection, usability and repair functions.

The website includes information about the various functions which a specific brand offers. Some examples include Anti-phishing, Anti-Malware, email protection and browsing protection. Users may choose software which blocks spam and blocks spyware. Some software programs offer password protection and firewall protection. There are game mode protections and even file shredding offered in some of the programs.

In addition to the numerical scores assigned to each product, there is an overall score. For users who want a more nuanced description, a full review of each product is available online.