Authority Summit Break The Guinness World Record for 65 Hour Live Stream Event

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From the 22nd to the 31st of March, a Guinness World Record breaking event took place across cyberspace. The Authority Super Summit, which drew together 100 of the world’s brightest business people, was a ground-breaking virtual event aimed at providing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with the advice needed to become an industry authority.

Hosted by Josh Denning of Authority Factory and Tom Morkes of Insurgent Publishing, the event was free to access and provided those involved with invaluable information regarding how to become a leading authority in their specific field. Breaking the record for the world’s longest uninterrupted live streaming audio cast, the summit provided listeners with information and advice from some of the world’s leading authorities – including Craig Ballantyne, Chris Ducker, Gauher Chaudhry, Claire Diaz-Ortiz and Melinda Chen.

These authorities presented master classes on topics within their area of expertise, spanning five different subject areas. These areas, defined as the five pillars of becoming an industry authority, included Mindset, Content, Distribution, Platform and Positioning. Together, these pillars are designed to take business owners and entrepreneurs from their current position through to being an industry authority – which is exactly what the Authority Super Summit aimed to do.

As a business owner, the hardest task is proving worth. When someone don’t have any authority, it can be hard to secure clients and charge them a rate that’s in line with the true value of a businesses service. People can be the best in the world at what they do, but if potential clients don’t recognise this fact then they may continue to struggle.

Industry authorities are ‘movers and shakers’. They have greater visibility in comparison to their competitors and peers, because they are recognised as being the best in the world at what they do. They’re recognised everywhere they go and their services are highly sought-after, meaning they also have a steady stream of work in the pipeline at all times. This allows them to charge clients what they’re really worth – no questions asked.

The power of collaboration.

It’s obvious why being an authority within an industry is so beneficial; ultimately, it equates to business success. The Authority Super Summit acknowledged this fact, and sought to provide underperforming business and entrepreneurs with the insight required to succeed in the fiercely competitive landscape that is the 21st century.

By pooling 100 of the world’s best business people, it provided invaluable information to those listening; information that is usually only available at a substantial cost. Of course, the experts involved were rewarded – after all, they were able to tick setting a Guinness World Record off their bucket list.

The hosts were Josh Denning and Tom Morkes are two successful businessmen with a tendency to dream big. The Authority Super Summit was their brainchild; a ground-breaking idea that connected experts and provided business owners and entrepreneurs with highly useful information.

The idea for the summit emerged from Denning’s own business, Authority Factory; as the name suggests, this full-service agency aims to help businesses become movers and shakers within their industry. Via services such as SEO, PPC, CRO, content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing, Authority Factory works to help people grow their business – doubling their traffic, leads and sales in the process.

It’s not too late to tap into this wealth of information.

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