Autounite Unveils New Vehicle Research Platform

Press Release

A vehicle Research Platform with a difference, AutoUnite has formally announced the launch of their service on May 1, 2016, and their freshly designed website that empowers real people to share prices and information on new and used vehicles. The company and their unique vehicle research concept emerged in the tail-end of 2015, when two guys from the automotive industry, Kenny Smith and Jino Song, decided to bring about a change in how people learn about their desired vehicles.

The website has been designed to serve as a comprehensive, peer to peer vehicle information sharing platform that encompasses many different aspects of the topic. According to the company the website will be broken down into six different categories:

Real Prices and Experiences: This section is dedicated to real “out the door” prices paid and sharing and discussing experiences.

Leasing: In this category users will discuss residuals, lease money factor rates, money down, monthly payments, etc.

Finance and Insurance: Warranty, Insurance (GAP), Maintenance Programs, Special Financing Options, Service Contracts, Protections (paint, wheel, etc.)and other cost will be the focus of this section.

Parts and Accessories: this section will be reserved for discussions about parts and accessories, aftermarket and from the manufacturer in this section.

Service: People can share in this section their experiences to make other people aware of certain practices in service with their new or used vehicle.

Reviews: Finally, this section is reserved for real people’s actual reviews of the vehicles.

To make it easier for users, they will be able to narrow down their selection by Year, Model, Trim, Dealer and Distance.

Kenny and Jino have enlisted the help of a premiere web-developing firm to design a streamlined layout for the new website, which will ensure that the website users enjoy an interactive and hassle-free experience. The design of the website has been specially created to facilitate new and used car buyers to make well-informed purchasing decisions. The AutoUnite website features an advanced search method to find information on specific vehicles that other forums and blogs do not have. Kenny and Jino work closely with the web designers to ensure that the end product matched their vision and the purpose of the platform.

The AutoUnite team has invited people to join the platform’s launch and get a first-hand experience of what the website has to offer on May 1, 2016.

The AutoUnite Team invites people to Join the revolutionary launch of the platform by visiting their website on the release date of May 1st, 2016. To enjoy the power to share prices and information on new vehicles.

About us: AutoUnite is a newly launched vehicle research platform that has been created to empower people, with the correct and up to date prices and information on new and used vehicles, provided by real people who share their experiences, vehicle-related information and prices.

Contact Name: Kenny Smith
City, State: Fairfax, VA