Backdropsource is UK’s Largest Studio Backdrops and Photo Accessories Online Store

Press Release

Backdropsource has launched an upgraded website with the widest range of photography backdrops, studio backgrounds, and studio lighting equipment. The studio lights include LEDs, fluorescent, tungsten, quartz and halogen lamp lighting. The support systems include backdrop stands, light stand, reflectors and other photo accessories to enable professional photography studios for best quality shoots. Backdrops evoke different moods, emotions, nature and effects to highlight the subject in focus. The company responds to all requests from its customers for any variety of backdrops required to enhance the appearance and results of photo.

Different parameters of a backdrop affect the output photograph. The textures vary significantly based on fabric, light absorption, dyeing procedure, dimension or reflective index. Photographer requires the light focus on the subject. Some of the common backgrounds are pure muslin made of 100% cotton yarn in solid colours, other mixed colour choices are known as fashion muslin, Wrinkle-free polyester, reversible collapsible backdrops, vinyl backdrops.

In addition to muslin backgrounds, photographers may also consider paper, vinyl, polyester, and canvas. Each of these products offers different light intensity and reflective quality. The surface is often used by photographers who are shooting head shots, portraits, full cape photos, visa photos, close-ups and ID photos.

The online catalogue includes the best accessories required by wedding photographers, product shooting experts, professional photographers, hobbyists and photography enthusiasts. Some of the items are backdrop stands and support systems, light stands, reflectors, and ultra cool daylights.

The critical element in studio photographic equipment is the lighting. Backdropsource offers LED lights, quartz or tungsten lights, and softbox fluorescent lights. Halogen lights and flash or strobe lights are used for specific purposes such as video shoots and high illumination light bursts. Lights offer various intensity levels, as well as different colour spectrum as output.

Backdropsource is providing educational offers, student discounts to encourage new and young talent for acquiring photographic vocational skills and build a resilient photography community. All our printing is environmental friendly using 100% organic materials. We actively support reduction of global warming by planting more trees on a weekly basis. There is an internal commitment of every employee in Backdrosource to plant a tree every week. One official hour is contributed by the company to the employee for community service.