Beltone Hearing Care Centers In Northern California Launches New Website

Press Release

Beltone Hearing Aid Corporation was founded over 70 years ago and is still top of its field in hearing aid technology innovation and customer satisfaction. Anthony Hinson owns and operates a total of five Beltone Hearing Aid locations in Northern California. Hinson’s Northern California Beltone locations are in the process of launching a new website built by Magic Marketing to help Northern California customers with hearing loss find a Beltone location near them and to provide visitors with hearing aid and hearing health information.

Hinson opened his first two Northern California Beltone locations in Auburn and Yuba City. The newer locations include two sites in Roseville and one in Lodi. All five of the Northern California locations incorporate the Beltone philosophy of customer care and offer the latest Beltone products.

People of all ages now use the internet as their primary resource when looking for information before making a purchase. The new website for the Northern California Beltone locations will be very user-friendly in order to help customers find the exact information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Visitors to the new Northern California Beltone website will find a wealth of useful information. They will be able to identify the Beltone location nearest them; find directions to that location as well as the office’s hours and staff bios; learn detailed information about Beltone products; read patient testimonials and more. Website visitors will even be able to request to schedule an appointment at the location nearest them and even take a free online hearing test to help determine if they need to schedule and in-office appointment.

Hinson and his team across the five Northern California Beltone locations are thrilled about the new website. They know that visitors will appreciate the easily accessible information and that the new site’s user-friendly interface will help improve the overall customer experience.

Contact Info:
Name: Anthony Hinson
Phone: (530) 316-1516
Organization: Beltone Hearing Aid Centers